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Novel Writing

Senior Project- Phase One Presentation

Chelsey Guy

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Novel Writing

Novel Writing Chelsey Guy Senior Project Phase One What's It About? How to Write, Edit, and Publish a Novel Goals of Phase One Brainstorming
Character Plans
Plot Outline
Begin Writing
Start Loving to Write Once It's Said and Done... Have a Finished Novel
Enter a Writing Contest
Look Forward to A Future in Writing Contract Requirements Begin Writing:
Introduction of Characters
Plot Development
(Exposition and Rising Action)
Start Writing First Chapters
7 Hours with Mentor
18 Hours Being an Author My Mentor! My Work "Fire, my sweet fire, wrapped around me like the arms of a mother. I never knew what maternal arms felt like, but my fire let me know. It was motherly and tender as it encircled me. It destroyed my pain and my concern. It loved me like no other.
But it never lasted.
Once again, my fire clung to me one last time before fleeing into the ground, leaving me with that sensational warmth and longing for its embrace.
I would see it again. I knew it." An Excerpt From "The Kindling Muse": What Have I Learned? The Proper Way to Edit
The Importance of Editing
The Importance of Research
How to Start a Novel
How to Keep it Going Goals of Phase Two Character Development
Plot Progression
Improvement in Editing Techniques
Furthering in my Love for Writing
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