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Human Brain VS Neural Network

This work was about a comparison between human brain and neural network and a brief a study about the differences between them.

Eng Res

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Human Brain VS Neural Network

Human Brain
Neural Network
By : EngRes
IT - Term Presentation
Presentation Structure
Human Brain & how it behaves
Neural Network & how it behaves
Comparison & Conclusion
Human Brain
What is the first thing you know ?
what did your parents first teach you ?
Hard-coded learning
things you would
Neural Network
Creating a neural network is like giving a birth to a baby
- It is created with pre-planned purpose and function
How hard is it to be expert in different fields at once
- It also can be expert in one area only
- Automatic learning mechanism makes learn and work on its own and as expected
Then we can call it
Computers don't think
Human brain forgets

Neural Network doesn't
some of what a human brain learns are "hard-coded"
all what neural network learn is "hard-coded"
Neural Network is always accurate
Human brain is not all the time
The computer can be utilized and trained to replace many of human functions capabilities. we are witnessing many human replacements with computers already, promising that it would grow more if it is kept trained and developed.

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