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Why We Should Have Harsher Punishment for Bullying

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kyle jones

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Why We Should Have Harsher Punishment for Bullying

Why We Should Have Harsher Punishments on Bullies
Why do people bully
People bully to make themselves feel in control or to make other people look down on themselves. With the laws in affect, they only stop a small percentage of the actual bullying. With stronger punishments, more people will stop bullying and people can feel more confident in themselves.
About 160,000 thousand students stay home from school because of bullying. About 55% of students have witnessed bullying. 90% of students from 4th grade to 8th grade have reported being bullied. Bullying and harassment are linked to school shootings.
Why it Happens
Bullying is learned from other people. The lack of a punishment tells them it is OK. Is it okay tell let bullies bully while people are thinking about committing suicide or in depression?
Friends will be careful on what they say and might not speak sometimes. Friendly chatting is ok, but when the other person says "stop" then stop. If a person continues than it is bullying. Teachers could feel forced to report a scene looked like a bullying scene while no bullying really happened.
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