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By:Ayan London-Prince

No description

Ayan London-Prince

on 24 July 2018

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Transcript of By:Ayan London-Prince

Clara Hughes
Hughes, is a 45 year old olympic champion, currently she is the national spokesperson for " Bell Let's Talk Day" and a advocate for mental health
Why can Clara be considered a Global Citizen
Clara Hughes is considered a global citizen because of all the work she puts in to speaking to the youths. Spring 2014, Clara traveled more than 11,000 km around the country, visiting 105 communities in 110 days just so she can continue to raise awareness about mental health and drive positive, long-term change in the way Canadians see mental illness.
Describe her success. Will she have long lasting effect?
Clara has won 11 awards since she became an advocate like,three honourary Doctorates. Along with many youth athletic programs. Hughes has over 50,000 supporters and as the awareness grows it looks like this could be around for generations.
what obstacles does she face?
In 1996 Clara lost two years to mental illness, racing only 6 weeks out of an 11-month cycling season while she battled depression. She got help from a physician and a social network to regain her balance. She also took adventure tours with her husband to " find herself".


what she is doing to make a difference
When Hughes started she was just got recognition for International Women's Day. In 2006 after winning olympic gold she decided to donate $10,000 of her personal savings to "Right to Play", which is a international humanitarian organization that uses sports for development. Again in 2010 Hughes donated another 10,000 to "Take a Hike", a school program which uses adventure -base learning to give kids a better direction in life.
what have learned?
how important it is to educate youths of today of various illnesses
with the help of family it's easier to overcome certain things
even though I'm not the on with the disease or sickness can still spread awareness
anyone can become a global citizen and make a difference
Young Canadian Global Citizen
By: Ayan London-Prince
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