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Copy of Human Rights Issues

No description

Krysta Cady

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Human Rights Issues

Human Rights Issues-Enrique's Journey
Resolution of the plot
Diction and characterization
The overall message the author wanted to issue was the thorough and devastating process of migrant children who travel across the Mexican border into the United States. The author states that these poor migrant children will risk their lives to find their mothers. The author will give migrant children a voice and a face. She will issue in this book some human rights that people deserve. The writer wrote this book because she wants to issue the circumstances they are in and what they go through to find their long lost mothers. One human right the author clearly points out is freedom. People need freedom to cross the Mexican border without being robbed, beaten, and even killed. The author wrote this book because she wants to issue this topic and to show that these migrant children need help.
Toward the back of the book the author says, "But Enrique pushes forward, relying on his wit, courage, and hope-and the kindness of strangers." The key word here is courage. This shows me that Enrique not only overcomes the physical obstacles that he endeavors but also the mental obstacles. Enrique is not only beaten, starved, and in critical condition, but is also alone in a dangerous city with no money, no food, and no one to rely on. This gives me the impression that Enrique keeps telling himself that he can do it and he will make it no matter what he suffers. Enrique will risk his life to find his mother and with that kind of determination I have no doubt that he will.
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