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Alicia Dearman

on 3 April 2018

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Willkommen in deustchland!
Our capital is... Berlin, Germany.
our main language? let' try german.
our continent? Europe.
you'd like to know our population?
82,330,000. America has approx. 234,336,000 more than Germany.
unsere geschichte/ Our history.
Germany- established on January 18, 1871.
You know, there's a ton of famous people from here. you ever heard of martin Lawrence or Bruce Willis or j Cole? germans, in the blood. or how about Anne frank, or Albert Einstein? yet again, germans. and we all know Hitler- the infamous jew killer. these are just a few germans who add colour to our history.
some of the events? we all know the holocaust- where the nazis rounded up all jews, sent them to concentration camps, and started a humongous war.
and, did you know that in 1499, Switzerland broke away from the german empire? those wankers.

on September 1st, 1939, Germany invaded Poland- plunging the world into world war 2
December 11th 1941: Nazis declared war on Germany.
on January 18th 1871 after the defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian war the princess of the german states united and proclaimed Wilhelm of Prussia their emperor
unsere geographie/ our geography
Major Landforms
The Bohemian Forest covers a lower mountain range along the Czech republic border
along the country's far- southwestern border with the Rhine river and France stands the thick (famous in many books) Black forest.
Major Landmarks
The Neuschwanstein castle is a nineteenth century Romanesque revival palace on a rugged hill.
Berlin wall: a barrier that divided Oberlin from 1961 to 1989.
Bradenburg Gate: an eighteenth century neoclassical triumphal arcs in Berlin
Major bodies of water
THe Baltic Sea: Northwest of Germany. Very large.
Danube river: starts in southwestern germany and flows out through germany/austria border.
Elbe river: flows in to germany from Czech Republic; it runs through Dresdden and Hamburg eventually flowing into northern sea
Major Cities
Berlin, BERLIN: Capital. Pop- 3,426,354
Hamburg, HAMBURG: pop- 1,739,117
MUNICH, BAVARIA: POP- 1,260, 391
Colonge, north rhine-westphalia: pop- 963, 395
Clothing: They tend to wear tight clothing. Most shirts end at the waist. Sports jerseys or any type of sports wear is highly uncommon unless you are in the game or at one. Red hair is loved.
Music: Germany has the largest music industry in Europe. It is the third largest in the world. Rock music is the main music listened to.
Neujahrstag/ New Years-Jan. 1st
Heilige Drei Konige/ Epiphany- jan 6th
Karfreitag/ Good Friday- Easter sunday.
Ostermontag/ Easter Monday- Easter monday+ 1 day
Religions: 2/3rds of the country is religious/ christians. Evenly split between Calvanism and Lutheran.
Type of Governmat: Republic.
german outfits
Economy Of Germany
Natural resoursces: Salt, copper, nickle, uranium etc.
The main manufacturing occurs inn eastern germany, and North-Rhinewest Germany.
Major Jobs: Agriculture, Factorie workers are popular too. Tourism can bring in quite a bit of money.
Land use; Agriculture= 34%. Grasslands=13.4%. Forests=30%. Roads=11%
Currency: They use Euros. Euros egual 1.24 dollars in American money.
Climate of Germany
The weather is very moderate. Germany has warm summers- a high of 72 Fahrenheit and cloudy winters- a high of 38 Fahrenheit.
It rains about 700mm ore 27 inches of rain a year.
The economy is based off of trees. They are the countries backbone.
Modes of transport: Well, you can own a car. They have buses, planes and boats.
Your Extra Info
Everything is closed on Sunday- including the malls.
They are sticklers for rules. This is the reason that they live in harmony.
Bacon is really a vegetable. They hate fake bacon. Even vegetarians eat it there.
Tipping is optional, but if you want something extra on your food they will deny you this. If it doesn't come that way then you will not receive it like that.
Everything is super clean.
Rules for line standing? Hah! Good luck, little duck.
No speed limits on the left lane of the road- watch out for those who go fast and furious.
Germany is half the size of Texas.
Ten Weird Rules
No cycling while drunk. You will recieve a ticket.
You cannot wear a mask at public events.
No pillows. If you hit someone with one they can charge you with assault.
All offices must have a window.
No tuning pianos at night.
You can not deny the chimney sweeper access into your home. (Hitler used these as spies.)
Be polite to police.
Illegal to sing first line of national anthem at public events.
Only one type of beer is served at festivals. Side not- if you're sixteen- drinking is totally legal. Go ahead, get wasted.
Fun Thinngs To Do?
What you can do in America you can do here.
Movie theaters, Zoos, Sailing... what do you think Germany is?
Popular Band
Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel is a german alternative rock band started in 2001 by lead singer Bill Kaulitz the band has sold more than 10 million CDs world wide. Originally the band only made music in german up until their 2007 release of Scream which has sold over 2.5 million copies
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