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Sniper Attack

No description

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Sniper Attack

Sniper Attack
By: Louenda S., Naya A., Claudia B., Isuan O.

The cause
The leader of the two wanted to complete three phases to get to a even larger plan. He wanted to kill 180 white people in 30 days. He then wanted to kill a pregnant lady and a Baltimore police officer, then attend the funeral and plant explosives to kill a large number of officers. The last phase was to steal several million dollars from the U.S government to get other orphaned boys from Canada to do more killings around the country.

How it was handled?
The police notified people in the area about what was going on so they could be aware. People from outside states were aware too. They tried to get helpful tips on who these guys could be. They tried to notice a pattern on where the attacks would happen and the time spans when it occurred. Schools were put on lock down so no one was allowed outside where the shooting could happen. The police studied the area where the shooting happened and a tree stump used for practice to find bullets,shell casings, or any other evidence to help link to the shooters.
A sniper attack is when someone uses long range small arms for specific attacks on others from a hidden position.
Sniper Attack
A sniper attack has occurred in the Washington Metropolitan area. 10 innocent people in DC, Maryland, and, Virginia were killed. These shootings were carried out by two guys. The shootings were spread out in different places and had different time spans between each killing.
Background information
on the DC Sniper
What was learned
The police got a tip from someone, about where the snipers were at that moment. They talked to the younger one and he told the whole plan of the leader.
How this disaster would be handled in a Healthcare facility.
You should always attempt to leave the area but if you can't get out and your in a area such as a Healthcare facility you would use
When you enter the room you are hiding in you should lock the door so that the sniper cant come in or harm you. If the door can't be locked you should try blocking it with a piece of furniture big enough.
: ock the Door
The sniper could be at a different location of the building and the windows are easy access for them to shoot inside of it. Although if the shooter is inside you can easily escape from the windows.
:void windows and balconies
Shut off any type of noise such as tvs, your phone, the radio, etc that could notify the sniper that your inside that room hiding.
Listen out for where the shooter is or may be. Listen for sounds like gunshots, footsteps, alarms, etc.
Don't yell or scream for help because that could notify the sniper where you are. Even if you think the sniper is gone just wait for someone to come and get you.
:emain quiet
Don't leave the room even if you think the sniper is gone just stay put and keep calm and wait for the police to come and get you.
:tay where you are
Medical Pouch
Battle Dressing
Roll Of Gauze
Medical Tape
Trauma Shears
Long Tweezers
Heat pack(used for shock mostly)
What you need in your medical kit
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