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BANKING NETWORK IN Cisco Packet Tracer

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greesh dhingra

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of BANKING NETWORK IN Cisco Packet Tracer

BANKING NETWORK IN Cisco Packet Tracer
SUMMARIZING the First Defence Work
Designed the scenario using different components and services:
Router(wireless also)
PCs and switches
for North and South banking network with ATM and control router for each bank.

Configure the Serial Interfaces of the Router with classless IP addresses
Configure the PCs with classless IP addresses in static and dynamic mode.
Configure the Routers with OSPF configuration for inter-network communication.
router5(config)#router ospf 100
router5(config-router)#network area 0

Configuring the Routers and PCs
Illustration of OSPF
Configuring the server for HTTP service
HTTP service is configure in server by using selecting HTTP option from the server config menu and writing the HTML code to be displyed.

Configure the server for DNS service:
Server is configure for DNS service by selecting DNS option fron config menu of the server and then dding the resource records with their corresponding IP addresses

HTTP and DNS service
Configure the wireless routers:
Wireless router can be configure in different modes:
• Automatic
• Static
• Wireless Interface is use for connection between PC and router using a key service.
Configure the wireless routers
Future Plan
To configure the cloud service that connects the 2 networks namely north banking and south banking using frame relay.
To configure the server for FTP and TFTP services.
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