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203 - communication

No description

Sun Shine

on 19 October 2017

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Transcript of 203 - communication

Flight crew
Each letter of the alphabet represents an authorised word which are used around the world.
ICAO Phonetic alphabet – used through the industry

Why is it used?
When is it used?
Most airports use
the 'Computerised Departure Control' system which is used for check-in, retrieval of passengers and aircraft information.
CODECO handles approx 110 million passengers a year worldwide, CODECO is used by 330 airlines at 280 airports around the globe.

(Weight and balance system)
The onboard weight and balance system is designed to provide measurements of the aircrafts weight and center of gravity. Operators benefit from having accurate and reliable weight and balance measurements provided in real time. In addition, the system can quickly validate manual weight calculations.

provides the technology which keeps the travel sector moving - from initial search to making a booking, from pricing to ticketing, from managing reservations to managing check-in and departure processes. It helps to bring together travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, ground handlers, hotels, railways, car rental companies, airports, cruise lines and ferry operators.

Other communication systems used by airports
What’s the difference
Internal/external customers
Communication Systems used by airports




Two-way radio

PA systems

Place the communication types into the following methods and provide examples of when they are used in an airport:
On your tables, identify as many types of communication used in an airport as you can eg the lights on the taxiway communicate to the pilot whether to proceed to the runway.
Why is the aviation industry dependent on effective and accurate communication?
UNIT 203
Aviation Communications
Flight information display systems (FIDS)
Failures in communication
Flight documents
You must make yourself familiar with the phonetic alphabet as not only will you have to use it, but other people will expect you to understand it when they use it.
How many did you get?
When you are using radios, the telephone or even talking face-to-face, sometimes words or spellings can be mis-heard.

To overcome the risk of confusion, there is a standard ‘alphabet’ in used throughout the aviation world.
X Ray
Why is it important to know the aircraft codes and to use them accurately?
The letters of the manufacturer are then followed by a number, as a general rule the bigger the number the bigger the aircraft however this is not always the case. For example…
What is an aircraft Code?
Aircraft codes
Can you think of any other companies that manufacture aircraft?
The first part of an Aircraft code generally reflects the manufacturer that made the aircraft.
De Havilland - DH
Fokker - F
McDonnell Douglas - MD
Douglas - DC
Embraer - E
Then you will have your explanation underneath
An example of your images in your information guide might be….
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) has been adopted as the reference for 'international time'. By using GMT people anywhere on earth can use exactly the same date, hour, minute for co-ordinating their activities. This avoids the difficulties of working with different local times.
Farmers could grow more crops with more hours of sunlight
Less road traffic accidents in the hours of light
Safer for children going to and from school
An easy way to remember…
Spring forward (clocks go forward in the spring time) - Usually the last Sunday in March
Fall Back (clocks go back in the autumn)
- Usually the last Sunday in October

Why do some countries observe Daylight saving time?
Most countries of the world have Daylight Saving time, a way of extending daylight artificially. In Britain and Ireland it is called BST (British Summer time).

During winter months our local time is the same as GMT. However, in summer it becomes GMT plus one hour.

Different countries change to and from Daylight Saving time at slightly varying times. This means that the time difference between two countries may be non-standard for a period of up to a week
Daylight Saving Time
GMT is sometimes referred to as UTC, or Universal Time Constant. Within the airport, however, the term GMT is still more widely used.
Universal Time Constant
In order to calculate time around the world, the earth’s surface has been divided into 24-hour time zones.

From one time zone to the next, there is a one-hour time difference.

Time zones are related to GMT depending upon whether the given zone is east of (ahead) or west of (behind) Greenwich.
Time related codes
For your assignment, you need to write a sentence to identify what each of the following communication methods are and give an example when it is used in aviation.
Face to face communication is…..
Written communication is…..
Electronic communication is….
PA Communication is….

Two way Radio communication is when 2 colleagues use walkie talkie radios to communicate with each other when they are working in different areas of the airport, an example of this is when a passenger service agent is speaking to the dispatcher regarding a missing passenger at the gate.
Flight number
Aircraft type
Departure/arrival times
A/C stand
the airline name/logo and/or its IATA or ICAO airline designator

the city of origin or destination, and any intermediate points

the expected arrival or departure time and/or the updated time (reflecting any delays)

the gate number

the check-in counter numbers or the name of the airline handling the check-in, when applicable
Each line on a FIDS indicates a different flight number accompanied by:
A computer system used in airports to display flight information to passengers, in which a computer system controls mechanical or electronic display boards or TV screens in order to display arrivals and departures flight information.

Located throughout the terminal.

Virtual version is now used on airport websites for live departure and arrivals
Servisair use SITA at every location for sending and receiving messages.

SITA provide and maintain the computer equipment used on check in desks and in operations and dispatch.
Formed in 1949 and owned by airlines

Global communications and data network

Airlines and related companies use to send messages and data concerning every aspect of their business, from reservation details to aircraft movement messages.
Societe Internationale des Telecommunications Aeronautiques
A document produced that details a daily schedule for flights at an airport. The Mayfly message is given to relevant people each shift (for example, a baggage handler or dispatcher) so they have all necessary flight information.

What type of information do you think is contained in the message?
Why would these organisations need to store this information?

Some paperwork is to be kept for just 7 days but some for as long as 6 months
It is essential to keep any official paperwork regarding the movement of a flight, this may be paperwork filled in from a range of personnel (Dispatch agent, Captain, Cabin supervisor, Passenger Service Agent - PSA).

Why do you think this is the case?
What needs to be kept?
CAA – To provide data to SRG (Safety Regulation Group), create ‘Safety plan’, monitor safety across industry

DFT – Collate statistics of incidents, prevent incidents ‘Air rage’ is a good e.g

AAIB – To ascertain ‘probable’ cause – prevent future incidents, recommend changes to industry
Reasons for Storing Aviation Communication


AAIB (branch of DFT)
What organisations may want to see these documents in the event of an incident and Why?
“SITA is the partner that holds the air transport community together. We do business with nearly every airline and every airport across the world.” SITA 2011
Day & Month codes
Airline codes
Airport codes
Time zones
How many do you know already? Write as many as you can on your worksheet.
Time zones’ boundaries are irregular mainly because of political factors.
Time zones can be determined by how countries’ and states’ borders are positioned. Individual zone boundaries are not straight because they are adjusted for the convenience and desires of local populations.
What terminology should you use with customers?
Regulatory Bodies
What do aviation bodies have to do with terminolgy?
Which bodies do we know and what do they do?
Why are time zones important in aviation?
See worksheet
Use of terminology
Legislation, in case of an accident or an investigation
Shows :
Fuel figures
Passenger configuration
Crew configuration
Aircraft and flight details
Balance and seating conditions
Load sheets
Tells us :
How to load an aircraft
Flight and aircraft details
Max weights in holds
Special instructions
Load instruction report
Tells us :
Passenger names
Sequence number
Flight details
Passenger manifest
Requires :
Bingo cards
Security certificate
Passenger name list
Load sheet
Loading instruction report
Triple AAA
Completed by the dispatcher :
Provides all information relating to the aircraft turnround
Dispatch sheet
Air Way Bill

an air consignment note refers to a receipt issued by an international airline for goods and acts as evidence of the contract of carriage
Cargo Manifest
“How long do we have to circle before we can land its quite busy up here”
Missing / Incorrect Passengers
Missing / incorrect baggage
Wrong bags for flight
Bags arrive late for loading
Too few bags
Too many bags
Incorrect fuel
Too much fuel
Too heavy for take off
Not enough fuel
Incorrect fuel figures
Type of fuel
Not enough meals for passengers
Wrong type of meals - hot / cold
Wrong mix of meals - adult / child
Special meals - veg, gluten free
Meal shortages
Nose heavy
Tail heavy
Too heavy overall
Wrong bags in hold

Incorrect equipment for aircraft type
Inappropriate loading
But my triple AAA only shows 5 bags ???
AAA discrepancies
Bingo card stickers
Gate report
Passenger name list
Loading instruction report
Too many bags
Wrong bag for flight
Can you identify factors that may result from failing to communicate
Aircraft misses its slot
Knock on effects
Crew hours
Irate passengers
Meal vouchers
Ground / ground equipment fees
Delayed flight
Could end up in different country

Could cause a threat to security

Danger to staff
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