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Main Idea/Supporting Details

No description

Holly Murray

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Main Idea/Supporting Details

Ms. Murray's 3rd Grade Class
Main Idea & Supporting Details
Main Idea
Every story or paragraph has a main idea.
The main idea tells you what the story is about.
The main idea maybe the lesson learned or moral of a story.
The main idea is the most important part of a story or paragraph.
Supporting Details
The supporting details are the things that describe the main idea.
These supporting details make the main idea stronger.
Let's try! Read the passage and choose the main idea!
The Storm
The rain began early in the morning. It fell as hard drops, one after another. The sky was full of dark purple clouds. Thunder began as a soft rumble and became louder and louder. Lightning crashed every few minutes, making the sky a brilliant white.
Let's Try Again!
I have a dog named Boots. I taught him lots of
tricks. When I tell him to, Boots will sit or lie down. He can also wave his paw to greet people. When I say, “Dance, Boots”, he will stand up on two legs and walk. I don't know of many dogs that can do such amazing tricks.
What is main idea?
A. The farms needed the rain.
B. The thunder hurt the people’s ears.
C. The trees were falling down.
D. The storm was very strong.
What is the main idea?
D. The storm was very strong.
a. Boots can run.
b. Boots can sit.
c. Boots can do a lot of tricks.
d. Most dogs can't dance.
What is the main idea?
C. Boots can do a lot of tricks.
Reread The Talking Cloth and pick out supporting details that will help you identify the main idea!
Now try with your table!
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