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The Gentleman from San Francisco

No description

Billy Sun

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of The Gentleman from San Francisco

The End

Literary Terms
The Gentleman from San Francisco
Person vs Society
Person vs Self
Character Development
The Gentleman starts out thinking that he is a man that people look up to, but during the vacation he realizes people only respect and cater to him because of his wealth.
Point of View
Third person-omnipotent: The audience sees over the gentleman's shoulder, but receives information that he doesn't know
The story takes place in areas in Italy, including

Cruise Ship

- The cruise ship's voyage represents the Gentleman's approach towards death.

Disappointment and desperation are the main themesof the story.
-After his death, the gentleman is thrown into a cheap storage room. This symbolizes how his power and luxurious lifestyle is worth nothing once he is dead.
The hotel tries to pretend the death of the gentleman never happened. The other rich people at the hotel are afraid of death, and entertain themselves to avoid thinking about it, and the Gentleman has just rudely reminded them of their own mortality.
-Why do you think the gentleman believed that the people serving him weren't just after his money?
-What proves that the people were only after his money and cared nothing of the gentleman?
-Do you think the gentleman died a happy man?

PS Evan did nothing in this group assignment
A man who has worked for his entire life
decides to enjoy the money he has earned
by taking a two year trip to Italy. He takes
his family on the ship "The Atlantis" and
sails to the various islands of Italy in
November. On the voyage, he is entertained
by a variety of different people. The reader
is told that many of the things on the ship
are simply there to give the passengers an
illusion of happiness, such as a couple
faking love to impress the guests. The
guests even ignore the storms outside
of the ship to enjoy their entertainment.
Author Ivan Bunin

When the gentleman arrives in Italy, everything goes according to his plans He enjoys all of the luxuries that he came to enjoy with his family. As time passes, winter comes, and the gentleman begins to look for a way to escape the unexpected cold of Italy by visiting Capri. His family becomes seasick on the voyage, and is not treated as they are accustomed to until they reach Capri. During this time, the gentleman starts to drink more heavily.
Ivan Bunin was born on October 22, 1870. Born in a noble family in Russia and began his writing career by composing poetry in a Russian magazine. He had been through depression and troubles with his private life as well could have inspired some of the things that he wrote about.
When the family arrives in Capri, they are admitted into a fancy hotel. During the gentleman's dinner, he mysteriously dies from what appears to be a heart attack. The hotel begins to try and pretend that the death had never happened, but a man sees the body and warns everyone in the hotel. Instead of being shocked at the gentleman's death, the people of the hotel are upset that their dinner was interrupted, and expect an apology from the hotel. Meanwhile, the gentleman's body is kept in poor conditions and is sent home with his family on the Atlantis.

This story was inspired by an American who died on Capri, who was neither rich, a gentleman, or from San Francisco.
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