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Senior Project

Wedding Planner

Katy Lindor

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Senior Project

Wedding Planner By: Katy Lindor Project Description What is it like to be a wedding planner? Will this career support my desired lifestyle? Benefits Tools Utilized Opportunities Education Professional Responsibilities Salary Why?
I have always loved weddings and I love working with people To become a wedding planner you typically need:
-High School diploma (art and computer programming credits help)
-Going into college, degrees in:
General Business
Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations
Hospitality Management
Accounting and Marketing (often self employed) A wedding planner can make from $45,000 to $100,000+ annually, depending on:
- experience and reputation
-who they work for (an event planning business or independently)
-who is getting married
-size of wedding
-time of year ("wedding season")

Wages do not necessarily vary from state to state, although bigger cities might get more business. Coordinate with vendors and clients and recommend appropriate wedding theme
Schedule meetings with vendors and negotiate to ensure product offering at competitive prices.
Get money from the bride and groom to the appropriate vendor.
Arrange transport of supplies needed for the wedding
Provide creativity and flexibility
Coordinate with caterers, florists, photographer, and tent team
Collaborate with bride and groom There are job opportunities for wedding planners everywhere because people get married all over and at any time of the year. As you gain experience and a reputation you work bigger and better weddings. Travel
Healthcare (Event planning company)
Flat Fee (10% of a $10,000) Organization
Quick Thinking
Patience YES! As you become a known wedding planner, you definitely make enough to support a comfortable living and a family. Employment Outlook According to the BLS, the outlook for careers in event management was projected to increase by 16% during 2008-2018, which was faster than the national average for all professions. Locations As a wedding planner you must be flexible with where you work.
Your house
The brides house
The venue
Anywhere the bride needs your assistance What did I learn? It takes a lot of patience and hard work to be a wedding planner. Although, the reward at the end makes it all worth it. Interview Will I actually be a wedding planner? Definitely a possibility!! Triumphs and Tragedies Finding specifics about wedding planners
BUT..I work weddings almost every weekend Additional Assistance People from work
Friends who have gotten married
Family Reflection on Learning Career Action Plan: If I were to pursue the career of a wedding planner....
Go to California Lutheran
Major in business and minor in management
Take some art credits
Get a job at an event planning company Question: Describe your career
Answer: I am a day-of wedding coordinator. I work for TPC Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club. I love getting to be a part of people’s wedding day. It can be very stressful but it also is very rewarding. I only work with one facility, which limits the creativity that some coordinators get to express but it has several advantages. I get to work with the same staff for every wedding and I have support from people at the facility. I don’t do any sales; I only plan for the client, so I work from 20 – 40 hours a week depending on the season.

Question: What are the requirements of your career?
Answer: There are event coordinator programs and certifications that you can get from different organizations. I worked my way up the ladder at my facility to gain the experience and knowledge that I needed to do my job. I started as a server and then trained to be the bridal attendant, which gave me the responsibility of taking care of the bride and groom’s needs during their wedding day. From there I took on more responsibilities such as managing the time line, greeting and assisting vendors and doing the rehearsal/ ceremony line up. You definitely have to have a calm, confident demeanor and some history of serving/food service experience. It is also very physically demanding as shifts can range anywhere from 8-16 hours.

Question: How do you use English, Math and Technology skills in your career? What other academic skills do you use in your career field?
Answer: Communication is key when planning with clients that you can’t meet with on a daily basis. You have to be able to convey the bride’s creative vision in a way that the staff will understand on a contract. I write a lot of emails and had to become proficient in programs such as Reserve (a planning tool) and Visio ( mapping software). I don’t deal with sales very much but that aspect of the field is heavily dependent on math. When working with a specific budget you sometimes have to be able to come up with very creative menus to accommodate the needs of the client, but still make money (internal cost vs. client price). I have a background of sports medicine and nursing which surprisingly comes in handy (I have had brides that sprain their ankles, guests that have broken hips, etc.)

Question: What are the advancement opportunities and what is the future outlook for your career?
Answer: I could take on more sales in the future or start an independent planning business. I haven’t done a whole lot of research on this aspect as I plan to change fields in the next couple years.

Question: What do you like best about your career and what do you like least?
Answer: I love getting to make the couple’s wedding day everything that they have imagined. It’s so rewarding to get an enthusiastic hug from a bride and groom and having them tell you that everything was perfect.

There are not many things I don’t like about being a day-of wedding coordinator but sometimes the things that people request seem trivial. I don’t always understand the requests that people have but I do my best to accommodate them. Advice for Underclassmen think about your future and sign up for classes accordingly
make the project worth your time
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