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Lutheranism, Angelicanism, and Calvinism

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Laura S

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Lutheranism, Angelicanism, and Calvinism

Lutheranism, Calvinism,
and Anglican By: Laura Salvaggio 4/5 Lutheranism Origin of the Religion: Lutheranism was first born in Germany by Martin Luther after 1521
Luther was upset about the corruption in the church, so he started the religion Lutheranism Beliefs About Sin and Salvation: Luther's followers disagreed with the Catholic Church about sin and salvation
Lutherans believed that salvation was God's gift and did not believe that people could do anything to earn salvation. Ultimate Source of Authority: Lutherans believed that the Bible was the only true source of religious words and guidance.
They published it in mulitple languages so different people could read it. Rituals and Worship: Some services included Bible readings, sermons, and Holy Communion
Like Catholics, they used an altar, candles and a crucifix and sang hymns Community Life: Luther thought that strict discipline and strong families was very important
He said that children should pray before meals and before bed. Calvinism Origin of Religion: Calvinism was founded by John Calvin in 1541
He was a French humanist who did his work in Geneva Switzerland Beliefs About Sin and Salvation: Calvinists also believed that God did not grant salvation for doing hard work just like Lutherans.
Calvinists also believed that God knew from the start who was going to be saved and there was nothing people could do about it because it was God's choice. Ultimate Source of Authority: Again like Lutherans, they believed that the Bible was the only true source of guidance
Anyone who sinned was considered committing a crime. Rituals and Worship: Calvinists went to church very often, sometimes up to five times a week
At church, everything was simple. The churches had no art anywhere in the room and the people sat in simple wooden benches.
People would sing verses from the bible to create songs at some services
Community Life Calvinists had many laws that were mostly based on the Bible
Some examples are: Naming babies only names from the Bible, being in bed at 9 o'clock, and not insulting anyone Anglicanism Origin of Religion: Anglicanism was founded by King Henry VIII in 1534
He broke away from the Catholic Church because of personal problems Beliefs About Sin and Salvation: Ultimate Source of Authority: Rituals and Worship: Community Life: The Catholic church beliefs were very similar to the Anglican beliefs
To be able to go to heaven, everyone needed to believe in God, Regret their sins, and receive God's mercy. Anglicans beliefs were based on the Bible
Some people were allowed to interpret beliefs in their own ways as long as the were loyal to the king or queen There are two different versions of the Anglican Church services.
One is the High Church service which was very formal, and the other was the Low Church service, which was similar to the Lutheran church
The official prayer book by King Edward VI provided morning, evening, and service prayers. The High Church communities consisted of mostly rich people
The Low Church communities consisted of mostly middle-class or workers
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