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Oregon Orchestra Presentation

No description

Eric Linnes-Bagley

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Oregon Orchestra Presentation

Welcome to orchestra! Have a sheet of paper and a pencil ready for taking notes, and please use the arrows in the bottom right hand of the screen to walk through the presentation...Let's go! Congratulations on making the decision to enroll in the fantastic Oregon Orchestra! Orchestra is one of the most rewarding and exciting educational opportunities offered by our schools. In addition to learning how to play a musical instrument, orchestra students also learn self-discipline, group cooperation, problem-solving skills, goal-setting, self-expression, and the importance of teamwork. In a 1999 Columbia University study, students in the arts were found to be more cooperative with teachers and
peers, more self-confident, and better able to express their ideas. These benefits were found to exist across
socioeconomic levels.

-The Arts Education Partnership, 1999 A few details... Students have four instruments to choose from: violin, viola, cello, and bass. They will study their instrument of choice for the entire year. Hypothetical Schedule Time to practice reading the schedule: let's say you're in the "red" group. What time is your small group on Thursday, October 17th? More on Rentals...
Both rental companies have a monthly rental fee (refer to your flyer).
For families not comfortable with a monthly fee, the school rental cost for any instrument is $50 per year. This is flexible upon each family's situation. NO student is turned away for lack of money.
Basses are rented through the school. Orchestra Expectation #1:
Attendance to both small group AND large group is mandatory. Orchestra Expectation #2:
Students must bring both instrument AND music to school on orchestra days. Orchestra Expectation #3:
Practicing your instrument at home is required! Orchestra Expectation #4:
Orchestra is a one year commitment. Parents...
students aren't the only ones with expectations! Your support and encouragement is much needed!
Help your child set a regular practice time.
Go over the schedule with them
Ask them how orchestra is going.
Applaud their successes and push them to even higher heights! A ten year study indicates that students
who study music achieve higher test scores, regardless of socioeconomic background.

-Sheila Douglas and Peter Willatts, Journal of Research in Writing, 1994. We will email out orchestra schedules as well as have them posted in students' homerooms and outside the orchestra room. For an example schedule, go to the next frame! Most families rent an instrument through one of our two rental companies, Ward-Brodt and Voigt. We have a limited number of instruments available to rent through the school for families that need this option. You will find more information on renting an instrument later in the presentation. Orchestra meets twice a week: once for large group (around 25 students for 40 minutes), and once for small group (1 to 4 students for 30 minutes). Both large and small group meet during the school day. Violin Viola Cello Bass All students need an instrument! Almost finished... At this time, please find your orchestra teacher in the library. They will determine the instrument size your student will need, answer any questions, and direct you to the rental company representatives. But before you leave the presentation, click this link to fill out the student information form:


Thank you, and congratulations! Violin and viola players: You will also need a shoulder sponge. Shoulder sponges are available through our rental companies (for a few dollars), or if needed, can be borrowed from the school All students need an "Essential Elements 2000" book. The books are available through our rental companies, or if needed, can be borrowed from the school. Picture of a Pioneer Day Large Group Small group with Ms. Eggerichs (aka Ms. Eggy) Goal Sheets! Students: to help you practice, we will give you a goal sheet each week. It will tell you what to practice, and has space for you to mark down when you practice. The goal sheet also has a spot for your and your parent's signatures. We turn goal sheets in EVERY week, and they need to be signed by both student AND parent. Our practicing goal is 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week.
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