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Big Data

Visualization of Big DATA

Gabriel Rangel

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Big Data

2 KB = One Typed page of text Megabyte - MB (1000^2) Gigabyte - GB (1000^3) Terabyte - TB (1000^4) Petabyte - PB (1000^5) Exabyte - EB (1000^6) Zettabyte - ZB (1000^7) Yottabyte - YB (1000^8) 10 ft Bookshelf
(2,300 CDs)

A two-hour film
can compress
into 1-2GB 8 CDs
The complete works of
Shakespeare totals 5MB 1 CD
Stores 350,000 pages
700MB 23 Million CDs - 1.7 miles
Equivalent of 11 rows over
Golden Gate Bridge

All cataloged books in
Library of Congress = 15 TB Big Data To: Mexico Border
7.6 Billion CDs

All letters delivered by US Postal Service
this year = 5 TB From: San Francisco From: Earth To: 3.5x distance to the Moon
12 trillion CDs - 805,000 miles

10 billion copies of the Economist From: Earth To: Over half the distance to Mars
2 quadrillion CDs - 123M miles

The total amount of information in existence
this year = 1.2 ZB From: Earth To: Nebula
2 quintillion CDs -
101B miles

Really, really BIG data!
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