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Lino Sjulestad

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By Lino S. George Washington Before the Presidency sources He was born February 22,1732,and he was born at Popels Creek Virginia. He was married to Martha and he had 2 adopted children from his wife.
He had a an equivalent education of an a
elementary school. Also he was a soldier. Also he was the first president of the united states of America. When he was the president he passed out the bill of rights. Then the french helped the americans in the war so that was called the American Revolutionary War. Then the americans wanted the government to pay back in return, so George Washington said no because he thought the colonist were weak. The Presidential years The people wanted him to run for a third run but
he didn't want to. So he went back to his lovely home in Mount Vernon. After the Presidency He was in the French and Indian war as well the American Revolutionary war. Also he was about to get a third term. Fun Facts title: George Washington 1st president of the usa
Author: Tumar l. brittan
Publisher: ABDO publishing company
place of publication: Edina Minnesota
Copyright year:2009.
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