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typical traditons of Estados Unidos

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Transcript of typical traditons of Estados Unidos

typical festivities estados unidos
this is not a national holiday, but a celebration that takes place in most high schools and universities.It marks one of the first days of class with the aim of giving bienvenidad new students and the alumni who continue in the center meet again and catch up for a long summer.
the Halloween is a holiday of origin ta held on the evening of Oct. 31, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries like Canada, United States, Ireland, or kingdom unidoy lesser extent Latin America and Spain.
It is held by a traditional turkey united states and canada. in the UnitedStates cuato Thursday of November it is celebrated although originalmentese to the last Thursday in canada, gather around a family and friends to share unbanquete table.
thanksgiving day
a nice tree to cartoon Christmas is the most famous, despite different character suchas nativity scenes, Magi, Christmas gifts etc Christian feast ...
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