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Learning Modules

English Project

Christy Brown

on 9 May 2015

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Transcript of Learning Modules

Buddy Comedies
White Chicks
Read texts about the Wayan brothers and their successful careers together in film making:
Buddy Films
- Main Characters: Special Agent Ashburns & Det. Mullins
Film Focus
Keenen Ivory Wayans
The famous "Wayan brothers"
Director: Paul Feig
Also directs "Bridesmaids"
- big on female driven leads in movies
- incorporates female issues in a comedy sense
All consists of a dynamic duo that fights crime together
These two work together to bust a drug case. They started off hating each other, but worked it out in the end, to become their unstoppable, dynamic duo.
Focus: class/gender
Used Melissa McCarthy is both
Identifies with feminism by using women as the lead characters to make for a strong, confident, and funny lady to make the movie around.
Class Issues
Throughout the film, it is brought to the audiences' attention about the difference of class (upper/lower)
For instance, Special Agent Burns comes from a decent looking house
Whereas Detective Mullins comes from dysfunction
Read about female roles and the decisions made by Feig in this film:
For a better understanding of gender roles in the film process
How they dress can reflect their class through appearance
Shows bad area of town: 2 crimes in given area
1. prostitution
2. illegal use of marijuana
Main Characters: Kevin and Marcus Copeland who play the roles of Brittany and Tiffany Wilson
FBI agents who screwed up working on a case, and must risk their career to save and redeem themselves on a near impossible mission to pretend to be the famous Wilson twins
Focus: Race
Director of White Chicks, who likes to cast his brothers, Shawn and Marlon Wayan into the films he produces and directs
For a better understanding of the reasons for casting, and using certain races in the films produced in order to be a comedy
Race Issues
Throughout the film, the film exhibits jokes and many scenarios highlighting differences of race and the issues concerning this
The fact that the main characters must cope with becoming white females after living as African American men their whole lives
Race Comparison!
Shows that women, and other races are stereotyped to have a specific reaction to anger.
Certain races have a more aggressive personality stereotyped
The Interview
Main Characters:
Aaron Rapoport
David Skylark
A film about 2 men who work together and host a famous show called Skylark, are now on an unexpected mission to assassinate the president of North Korea, Kim Jong Un
Focus: Politics
Co-directors: Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg
-They have worked together co-writing and directing on many other films such as: Superbad, Pineapple Express, This is the End, etc.
Made a huge risk by producing and following through with the making of this film after insulting the political system of North Korea.
Possible terror threats were suspected to occur after this movie came out. USA government even paid for them not to finish through with it, but they did anyway
Political Issues
Throughout the film this movie hovers on crossing lines towards insulting governments, especially in North Korea
It highlights comparison to the USA, their citizens, and government system...
...and makes fun of the strict rules and orders of their country
Read some texts about the genius work created by these co-directors, and the risky decision to go through with this film
To better understand their reasoning behind working together, and the decision they made to risk the upcoming potential political threats for comedy
Watch Video ---> http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/seth-rogen-evan-goldberg-drop-interview-screening/story?id=27825990
Political Issues!
In the interview at the end of the movie,
USA representative (David Skylark) makes Kim Jong-Un admit to being a horrible leader
USA defeats North Korea in war created by the USA
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