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By: Autumn Thompson

No description

Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of By: Autumn Thompson

Four Easy Steps
this set of instructions will show you how to carve a pumpkin. When you are done making your product you’re guaranteed to have an amazing Halloween decoration for your family to enjoy. The following steps will show and tell you what to do to achieve this goal.

Ages 12+, otherwise parental supervision is required.

Need Help or Have Questions? Please contact us at:
Litchfieldsd.org or 603-578-3570

Supplies Needed
• Flat working area
• Pumpkin
• Large spoon
• Sharpie
• Carving knife
• Trash can
Step 1:
1st Cut a large hole around the stem of the pumpkin with your carving knife. Set the top aside on your flat working platform. Reference to picture for more help.
Step 2
2nd, scoop out all the big seeds and orange stringy rubbish with a big spoon. Throw the seeds and stringy rubbish into the trash. Reference to picture for assistance.
Step 3
3rd, with a sharpie draw a face you want on the pumpkin. Then place the top you set aside back onto its hole.
Step 4
4th, with a knife, carefully cut along the lines you made on your pumpkin with your sharpie. Throw the pieces you cut from your pumpkin (in this step) into the trash.
Congratulations now you have an amazing pumpkin
By: Autumn Thompson
Instructions on How to Carve a Pumpkin
Reference picture for finished product.
Image 1: Make a hole in the pumpkin around the stem. See with black arrow.
Image 2: Take the big spoon and remove the insides until you can no longer scoop anymore out of the pumpkin without damaging the outer layer. See with black arrow .
Image 3: If you can’t decide what face you want, feel free to search images and print out a copy to refer to. Just simply take the sharpie and make the face.
Helpful Websites:
Image 4: With your knife carefully cut the outline shapes you made with your sharpie. See black arrow.
everyone is sure to love
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