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Estimation with Compatible Numbers

Fourth Grade Math Lesson

Rebecca Skowronski

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Estimation with Compatible Numbers

Estimation using Compatible Numbers Refocus Technique:
When we say, "Compatible"

You say, "Numbers!"

LET'S PRACTICE! During the lesson...

Raise your hand to share.
Listen to others when they are speaking.
Follow directions.
Stay on task. Compatible numbers are "Friendly" numbers! Essential Question:

How can compatible numbers be used to solve operations? Compatible Numbers

are numbers that make it easier to estimate an answer. Compatible Numbers Are:

Rounded, "friendly" numbers that make it easier to estimate an answer!

For example: Numbers that end in "0" or "5" Examples of compatible numbers!

43--> 40 98+28--> 100+ 30= 130
57--> 60 337+ 57--> 340+ 60= 400 Blaine has 12 socks. Her brother says that he has about 9 times as many as her. How many socks does he have?
12--> 10 9--> 10
10 X 10= 100 #1:
A page has 11 words in one line and 28 lines on the page.
About how many words on the whole page? 11 is close to 10

28 is close to 30

10 x 30 = 300, so the page has about 300 words. In groups: Raise the card that has the compatible number to: 28 62 97 1. Use Charts to Identify and write the original numbers in the problems.

2. then identify and write on chart what compatible numbers they could be rounded to.

3. Solve the problem using compatible numbers.
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