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TOK Homosexual Knowledge Issues

No description

Jason Browne

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of TOK Homosexual Knowledge Issues

What are the Knowledge Issues
Raised Around The Topic of
Homosexuality? How does language
position us on this topic? “....'Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Communities' the [police] force's handbook confusingly states that the phrase 'lesbians and gay men' is likely to be satisfactory for most situations when talking about sexual orientation.But it says 'homosexual' is 'best avoided' as the word is 'interpreted differently by many, and relates to sexual practice as opposed to sexual orientation.'” Courier Mail
Police banned from saying 'Evening all', 'homosexual', 'frequent'
http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/world/police-banned-from-saying-evening-all-homosexual-frequent/story-e6freoox-1225791291349 Homosexual Gay Sexually attracted to people of ones own sex. (a person, esp. a man) Homosexual Lesbian A Homosexaul woman Connotations Male Sexual Ho-mo-SEX-ual Media Teenages use in derogatory way Older generation use to describe something as lighthearted or carefree Why is gay more accepted than homosexual? Detracts from their sexual orientation and instead focuses on their personality Represented though the gay stereotype Gays in comedy Big personalities! sassy bubbly lively Instead of focusing on the sexual orientation the word gay refers more to personality Homsexuality & Religions Islam Religion Buddhist Religion How Has Homosexuality Changed?
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