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Eco Earth

No description

kevin pereira

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Eco Earth

By: Kevin pereira
Eco Earth
How did it happen?
How did water pollution happen. Water pollution could start from Transporting Oil on Boat and Acid Rain.
Transporting oil is one of the many water
pollution. The oil gets in the water by oil boats run into problems or oil leaks in the oceans.
Acid rain dose not sound like a big problem
anymore but it still is one. The acid rain falls in to lacks and increasing acidity in the water.
so the real question is

Which earth do you
want to live on ?
What are the consequences?

Water Pollution is harmful to us humans, animals, water life, and plants life. There are many consequences of water pollution for example large numbers of sea life deaths, destruction of ecosystems, Disruption of food-chains, and our water sources getting all dirty. The consequences of water pollution are really bad, so what are we doing to fix them.
Some of the things that you can do to fix and prevent water pollution are turning off the running water when not used, be careful about what you throw down your sink or toilet : Ex. paints or oils, and that what we are doing to fix and prevent water pollution, 1 person doing these actions sounds bad but 1 person still macks a differences. More and more people are fixing this problem and so it will be better this year and then the next year and so on we can mack a differences it might tack some time but the pay off will be grate.
how are we going to fix and prevent
future pollution?
Air pollution
climate change

HOW did it happen?
Air pollution and climate change start to happen wane more factories wear built creating more and more greenhouse gases and wane we burning trees and plants it lets out co2 creating more air pollution on earth.
What are the consequences?
Some of the consequences of air pollution are acid rain damaging body's off water, health problem for us humans , and animal and plants dieing. The acid rain carry's nitrogen from the air pollution and rains over lacks, rivers, and soils and pollutants them. From the factories that pollute our air is so bad that it cause health problem for people in that area.
how are we going to fix and prevent
future pollution?
We are fixing air pollution by not using much vehicle that releases co2 and use a bikes or walk. We can also car pool or tack public transportation.
passenger pigeons
How did humans cause the passenger pigeons to go extinct?
The Passenger pigeons have been extinct since 1914, the last one died in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo. But the Passenger pigeons we're not always extinct. At one point in 1 flock there we're 2 billion passenger pigeons. So how did the most populated bird in N.Amarica go extinct. The passenger pigeons went extinct because of hunting, the was a vary essay animal to hunt and there was lots of them.
how can we protect endangered species?
We can protect endangered species by not over hunting on species and make a hunting season for that species, protect the habitat of that and not destroy it, and keep our environment clean and try to not pollute it.
Why do we cut down trees
Most of the time we cut down trees for the material or the land. With the material we make all kinds of thing, from your desk to the wood framing inside the walls of your house. We need land for farms, towns, houses, and many other things.
What methods are not
ecologically safe?
Some of the methods for deforestation that are not ecologically safe are Slash and Burn Agriculture or Clear-Cutting. Slash and Burn Agriculture is a come methods tropics, it is motley done by farmers because they just want the land and it is fast and cheap. Clear-Cutting is removing all the trees and vegetation in area. It is motley done for the material in that area.
What are good alternatives?
One of the good alternative ways to cut down trees is Selective Logging. Selective Logging is a good methods because
certain trees are chosen to be cut down and that is better then cutting all the trees at once.
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