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Understanding Your ANU Invoice

No description

ANU Student Central

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Understanding Your ANU Invoice

Your fees are in two parts-

Tuition fees and Services & Amenities fees.
It is important that you pay your fees in full by the due date, or arrange to defer your fees (eligible domestic students) by the Census Date.

If you forget to pay your fees on time you could be charged a late fee.
Understanding Your ANU Invoice
Fee payment can be made from home by-

BPay (internet banking)
Credit Card payment in ISIS

Your ANU invoice is issued at the start of every semester, trimester or session.

You will be notified of your invoice via email.

Invoices can be located in ISIS by going to MAIN MENU > ISIS > ACCOUNT DETAILS > INVOICES.

All students with fees that have not yet been paid will receive an invoice.

This date is when you must pay your fees by.

Continued failure to pay your fees can result in being excluded from the University
Domestic students who fail to complete an eCAF and also do not pay their fees by the Census Date will lose their Commonwealth Supported Place
For this reason,
the fee due date is
your best friend!
These are the courses
you are enrolled in
If the courses you are enrolled in are different to those you have been invoiced for, it may just be that you were invoiced early while you were still deciding on courses.
Check your enrolment in ISIS, just in case!

If everything is correct, you will receive a new invoice in ISIS at the next invoicing round.
If you receive a new invoice it is important to remember that the new invoice is only indicating the updated fees owing on your account.

The due date of your fees will still be the date on your first invoice.
This is the total amount that you must pay before the fee due date.
The Services and Amenities fee is a compulsory fee that all students are required to pay. To defer this fee you must complete the SA-HELP eCAF.

It goes towards services that are not immediately covered under your tuition costs, support services for students, the Student Association and Library services.
Students with HELP will receive invoices indicating the amount of fees being charged each enrolment period, to allow you to make upfront payments.
Provided you have completed your HELP request forms (eCAF), if you choose not to make any upfront payments then any unpaid fees for which you have completed an eCAF will be covered by your HELP loan after the course Census Date.
BPay is one way to make payments towards your invoice
Common Questions about Invoices:
I am an eligible HELP student, and I am sure I have completed a HELP request form, but I am unsure how to check if I have or not.
Can you help?
The HECS, SA or FEE-HELP forms that you have successfully completed are available in ISIS.

You can check these forms by going to MAIN MENU > ISIS > ACCOUNT DETAILS > eCAF PRINT HISTORY

The forms located here are already submitted and successful.
I looked in ISIS, but no eCAF forms are in eCAF Print History. How can I defer my fees to HELP?
Outstanding eCAF forms are located in ISIS, under MAIN MENU > ISIS > ACCOUNT DETAILS > eCAF

If no forms are located here you may not be eligible for HELP. HELP is available to students who are Australian citizens only.
I am an international student, and I cannot pay my fees by the Fee Due Date. Can I access a payment plan?
Unfortunately not - as part of your admission to the University you have confirmed your ability to pay your fees on time.

In very rare circumstances we can offer very short due date extensions to students in need, but any unpaid fees at the Census Date will incur serious penalties.
I need to pay my fees upfront but cannot afford to. What should I do?
Many students opt to go on program leave for short periods to earn the funds for their studies. This is also a great way to gain employment experience, which can enhance your opportunities when you graduate from your degree.

International students thinking of going on program leave should be aware that this will impact upon their VISA.

I have logged into ISIS and can see that there is an invoice for this semester but it is not updated with the enrollment change I just made. How can I see my most recent invoice?

You may be invoiced several times for fees in the same period - this is triggered when you change courses in ISIS however the invoice are not automatic but run on a schedule.

The total amount owing will always be shown as Account Payments Due on your ISIS home page if you are confused about how much you owe
Invoices from previous semesters will stay on your account for your records.

To see previous invoices select Invoice History.

You can see on your ISIS Homepage the amount still outstanding as Account Payments Due on your ISIS home page.
This is your ANU Invoice
Still unsure?

Contact Student Central for help

135 ANU(268)

When is the
Census Date?
Trimester 1: 5 February

First Semester: 31 March

Trimester 2: 27 May

Second Semester: 31 August

Trimester 3: 16 September

Non-standard sessions: check the course dates in ProgramsandCourses.anu.edu.au
A successfully completed form will look like this:
If you believe you are eligible for HELP, but no HELP request form (eCAF) is present, please contact Student Central for advice.
Application deadline:
First Semester: 31 March
Second Semester: 31 August
Non-standard sessions and further information: http://www.anu.edu.au/students/program-administration/program-management/program-leave-domestic-coursework-student
Further options: http://www.anu.edu.au/students/program-administration/costs-fees/payment-methods
I have paid my fees, but I received an invoice in my ISIS account. Does this mean my payment was unsuccessful?
Payments made via BPay will often take several days to be processed to your account.
Payments made through ISIS should update automatically.

If you have made a payment but it has not yet been processed to your account at the time invoices are created, or if it was made the same day that invoices are created, you may still receive an invoice. In this case, check your ISIS Account Details before making any further payments, or wait 48 hours for your payment to be processed.

If you have paid through ISIS and the amount has not been deducted in your ISIS Account
Details , contact Student Central.

Your HELP request forms (eCAF) only need to be submitted at the start of your program,
and after a degree transfer.

If you are enrolled in more than one program you will need to complete eCAF for each program.
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