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Business Plan

No description

Tam Dong

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Business Plan

Business Model
Our definition of one unit is one hour of graffiti removal

Our C.O.S.S include $45 per hour served in graffiti removal.

Our variable costs includes:
Painting Suit = $25 per employee
Safety glasses = $12 per employee
Dust mask = $4 per employee
Working gloves = $7 per employee

Our fixed costs are the amount of graffiti removed off the streets.
Problems Met
Social Impact
Graffiti BEGAWN is a service business where we remove graffiti off the streets of your city and make it into a cleaner and beautiful community.
Graffiti BEGAWN!
How we are going to solve this problem is that we have created a business that specifically targets graffiti that will be remove graffiti off our streets and buildings which creates a cleaner and beautiful community.
Description of Service
By Tam Dong, Alberto Zaragoza
and Nathaniel Agpaoa

Graffiti BEGAWN!

Remove all
Mostly yes

Competitive Advantage
1. We are very friendly to all of our customers. (great customer service)

2. We do not remove art that has been designated as part of a building's aesthetic design.

3. We can service the needs of any city, township, or other locale.

4. If not satisfied, we will work with you to meet your expectations.
Sales Projection
Probably not
Probably not
The problem we have met with graffiti is that it is just vandalism. Graffiti damages personal property and is not art. It
is hard to remove off with simple materials and will make our community look bad.
Market Analysis
1. You can either call from home or talk to us in person for our service.

2. We are a partnership of 3 people.

3. We will service your all of your graffiti removal needs.
Ridding our neighborhoods of vandalism.
City beautification
Help the community to fullfil their dreams.
List of
5 hours per day

$45 an hour

1 Job a day

Annual sales = $48,000
Involved in community service
Knowledgable about advertising
Involved in community service for 6 months
Knows how to clean graffiti
Marketing and Sales
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