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Columbine Massacre

No description

cat olsen

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Columbine Massacre

By Catherine Olsen Columbine High School Eric Harris Dylan Klebold Planning of Judgement Day "Eric Harris," The Biography Channel website, http://www.biography.com/people/eric-harris-235982
(accessed Jan 05, 2013).
This site is basicaly the same as the one listed above but it is about Dylan's partner Eric Harris. I learned that Eric had many issues and it iluminated reasons why this shooting happened. April 20th 1999 Eric Harris was born on April 9th, 1981, and he died on April 20th, 1999. When Eric was in high school he became very close friends with Dylan Klebold. They both studied German and became enamored with Hitler and the Nazis. Eric was very violent and he didn't have the best anger management growing up. He was put on a medication that he was supposed to be taking to stabilize his moods. Dylan was born on September 11th 1981 and died on April 20th 1999 from suicide after the shooting. As a child he wasn't really very violent. He was actually considered shy. He became friends with Eric Harris as a freshman at Columbine when Eric moved to Colorado earlier that year.
Eventually Dylan and Eric developed a hatred of school and the jocks. They both became pretty interested in Nazis and Hitler. They listened to German bands as well as learning the language. As juniors in 1998 Dylan and Eric broke into a car and stole items from the car. They were placed into a consoling class until February 1999. Eric and Dylan prepared for the shooting they called "Judgement Day." They planned to kill over 100 people at their school. They learned to make bombs and they got guns from a co-worker that Eric worked with at a pizza place. Eric and Dylan had made many videos describing their plan, which included Eric's rage, racist comments, and concern for their parents. Bibliography Columbine Massacre 13 Dead 12 Injured Ways Schools Have
Changed After
The Shooting "9 Ways School Has Changed Since Columbine -"
07 Jan. 2013.
This site is targeted to mainly teachers, and the security of schools to see what they can change. Like the behaviors of the students. They don't want any abnormal behavior to lead to another shooting like this one. "Dylan Klebold," The Biography Channel website, http://www.biography.com/people/dylan-klebold-235979 (accessed Jan 07, 2013).
This website helped me understand more about one of the shooters Dylan Klebold. I read through this site and found things that would help me understand more of the shooting in 1999. Higher security levels Increased communication between students, parents, and teachers Zero Tolerance to bullying and threats
Increased Awareness by paying closer attention to students behavior Student privileges are limited. Some schools have had to switch to mandatory uniforms and others have to wear Ids so they can be recognized as a student or teacher at the school. It has been said that the two shooters had a little help with the shooting. Like carrying all the pipe bombs into the school. They would have had to take over 12 trips to get the 20 pound bombs into the school, and they could not fit under a trench coat. "Government Cover-ups: Columbine Shooting." Cover-up: Columbine Shooting.
http://www.worldaffairsbrief.com/keytopics/Columbine.shtml N.p n.d. Web.
02 Feb. 2013.
This website is targeted to students/teachers who want to learn more information about the shooting. Most people think differently to what happened to the students on that day. But once you actually learn and read about what happened. Both before and after the shooting. You see it diffently. Victims continued.

Daniel Rohrbough - 15 years old. Everyday after school he would work in the radio shack with his father

Rachel Scott- 17 years old. Was strait forward and she wanted the best for everyone and was completely against bullying. She started this Chain Recation where everyone wrote down something they did to help someone that day. The morning of the shooting, Rachel drew a pair of eyes crying 13 teardrops onto a rose, that had the same number of victims that were to die that day in the shooting.

Isaiah Shoels - 18 years. He was a jock at the school. A football player and wresteler. He played keyboard and when he got out of highschool he wanted to go to a arts collage and persue his dream of becoming a music executive.

John Tomlin - 16 years old. In highschool John worked at a local nursery after school. He had also driven all the way to Mexico to help build a house for people in need.

Lauren Townsend - 17 years old. Was captin of the girls varsity Volley ball team and a member of the National Honnor society. When Lauren died, she was in the library with her friends just before the shooting started.

Kyle Velasquez - 16 years old. Was nicknamed the "Gentle Giant" in highschool. He wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up.

Coach Dave Sanders - 47 years old. He had evacuated the cafeteria just before the bombs were supposed to go off. So over 100 students were saved because of him. While trying to get other students out of the hallways and safely into classrooms he was shot in the back of the neck. And he bled to death in less then 3 hours. Cassie Bernall - 17 years old. She was known as the girl who said "yes." One of the shooters had asked her if she believed in god. And she said "yes," So she was shot.

Steve Curnow - 14 years old. He Was the youngest one to die in the shooting. He wanted to be a Navy Top Gun Piolt, and he worked part time on the fields with his father

Corey DePooter - 17 years old. He loved fishing, and any outdoor activity. He was very active and he would always be making sure you were doing something right.

Kelly Fleming - 16 years old. She was a shy but a very creative person

Matthew Kechter - 16 years old. He was both an offence, and defence football player. He was also an 'A' student.

Daniel Mauser - 15 years old. He was a very shy kid growing up. He was an 'A' student as well and he signed up for the national junior honnor society but sadly he died before he had a chance to be placed. Victims Bibliography continued
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