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Fire Yourself

Number 2

Robert Mittuch

on 6 April 2010

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Transcript of Fire Yourself

Director Tim
Staff Guy Tim
Staff Guy Tim
Tim, I'm glad
we were able
to get this
Oh, me too Tim
You know how much
I look up to you
Director Tim
Well Tim, I'm not
sure how you're going
to take this but....
You're fired!
What? I don't
understand? I
thought you believed
in me and made me
a MTL?
Director Tim
Staff Guy Tim
It's not that I
don't believe in
you, it's just best
How can it be
best? What am
I supposed to do
Director Tim
I'm not firing you
from being an MTL but from being a Sr
Staff... you can no longer be the model of evangelism & Discipleship for the team
Staff Guy Tim
Don't you realize
that I love that role
and that's why I joined
staff to begin with?
other funny
Director Tim
Staff Guy Tim
I know you love
it, I'm not saying
you can't do those
things at all, but your
new job is to help
others do E & D
But why can't
I do both?
Fire Yourself
Director Tim
Tim, you realize that
we're just being pschitzophrenic... so if
you try doing both jobs you're going to kill both
of us.
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