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Yummy Chocolate! SWJCS

No description

Tori Gammons

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of Yummy Chocolate! SWJCS

Yummy Chocolate!
Where is chocolate made from?
How did the Aztec Make
- Toasted cocoa beans.
-Grind the beans .
-Frothed the chocolate by
pouring it from vessel to vessel.
-Added flavors.
What are Cocoa Beans?
They are dried and thick beans from the Theobroma cacao.
Which County Eats the Most Chocolate?

What did the Aztec use the chocolate?

How Many Kinds of Chocolate are There?
Chocolate Today
Today chocolate has been enjoyed as a sweet and
delicate treat.
By: Tori Gammons
Chocolate is made in a tropical tree.
There are five kinds of chocolates.
Switzerland eats the most chocolate. Nobody has ever beat them.


Produced by:
Star Production
in 2015
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