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The Kite Runner

This is a interesting report on a book I've read. For educational usage only. It basically focuses on the trailer, the summary, a powerful quote from the book, and my review. An additional trailer for the movie is added.

Ray Wrightstone

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner A Great Story of Friendship
and loyalty.
by Khaled Hosseini Main Characters Amir He is the son of
Baba and has never felt fully accepted by his father. He is the narrator and best friends with Hassan. Hassan He is best friends with Amir. He is considered the lowest of the low
in society though. Him and his
father work for Baba. Assef He is the antagonist
in the story. He is an
evil twisted soul and
he commits many cruelties
he has an extreme
hatred against Hassan
and Amir. Baba He is the father of Amir and
a kind soul. He is always pushing his
son to be more like him. He set up an
orphanage and did other projects. A (not so brief) Summary
Amir and Hassan are best friends. They have been for as long as they've
been born. Amir is the son of Baba and very wealthy and considered high
in society. Hassan is a servant of Baba and Amir and is considered lowest of the low
in society. They are both children that live in Afghanistan. Nothing could seem to
break them apart ever. Then the day that changes their life forever comes.
Amir is competing in the local kite running compeition and its a suspenseful moment
for him as he describes below:

After the Kite Tournament, Hassan is chased down by Assef and the neighborhood bullies and is raped. Amir watches in extreme horrified silence. The two boys are affected in different ways. Amir becomes an insomanic and starts acting really mean to Hassan. They're friendship falls apart. And thats not the only problems they are facing. The monarchy has fallen. Also Amir frames Hassan for a crime, Hassan and his father leave. Baba and Amir leave after that for America.

In America, it is a new chance for life. Amir meets a girl Soraya jan and marries her. He starts a career as a writer. They both lead normal lives. But then one day Amir is called back to Afghanistan and is given an important mission.
He has to find Hassan's child and rescue him, and start a quest restoring the honor he's lost and to set the wrongs of his past. But Kabul is different now then in his neighborhood and much more deadly. The Tabliban have taken over. And a memory from the past will meet him again and he'll want Amir dead. Amir will have to make life or death choices. Can he pull this off?
My Review
"It is an extremely gripping book
and very saddening. I could not stop
turning the pages." The story holds your attention throughout and it
is fascinating. Though the main exciting parts come
later on in the book, the introduction and rising
action is still gripping your attention. The second half
is a little disturbing though so be warned. My Rating: A+ " I had never seen so many people on our street. Kids were flinging snowballs, squabbling
chasing one another, giggling. Kite fighters were huddling with their spool holders, making last-minute preparations...
At least two dozen kites already hung in the sky, like paper sharks roaming for prey. Within
an hour, the number doubled, and red, blue and yellow kites glided and spun in the sky.
A cold breeze wafted through my hair. The wind was perfect for kite flying, blowing just hard enough to give me some lift, make the weeps easier. Next to me, Hassan held the spool, his hands already bloodied by the string...
Soon the cutting started and the first of the defeated kites whirled out of control. They feel from the sky like shooting stars, with brilliant ripling tails, showering the neighborhoods below with prizes for the kite runners...
My eyes kept returning to a blue kite that had been wrecking havoc for half and hour...
After another thirty minutes, only four kites remained. And I was still flying...I'd never felt in
command, so lucky...
It was just me and that other guy. The blue kite. The tension in the air was as taut as the glass
string I was tugging with my bloody hands. People were stomping their feet, clapping, whistling, chanting, "Boboresh! Boboresh!" Cut him! Cut him! I wondered if Baba's voice was one of them... But all I heard-all I willed myself to hear-was the thudding of blood in my head. All I saw was the blue kite. All I smelled was victory...the blue kite knew it was in trouble. Then
the moment came. I closed my eyes and loosened my grip on the string...I didn't need to hear the crowd's roar to know...Then I was screaming, and everything was color and sound, everything was alive and good. "You won, Amir agha! You won!"

Because after all everyone is
counting on him. My Quote: T The book has also been
turned into a movie. I
suggest you check it out: This trailer will also
give you a better summary of what the book's
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