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Melbourne Declaration

This presentation is an overview of The Melbourne Declaration

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Transcript of Melbourne Declaration

An overview
The Melbourne Declaration
Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians
What changes?
Other complexities considered in the development:
Goal 1 is to:
Education Services Australia Ltd as legal entity for SCSEEC
Improving educational outcomes
There are two goals with multiple objectives.
The difference
This declaration encompasses more than previous editions. It has a broader framework and acknowledges changes in our world that affect our education system.
About the declaration
The Melbourne Declaration follows on from previous
declarations made in 1989 with the Hobart Declaration
and in 1999 with the Adelaide Declaration.
This declaration is supported by all Australian Education
Changes such as international mobility, the influence of India, China and other Asian nations on Australia

Globalisation and technological advancements and the demands these place on skills development with the nature of jobs changing faster than ever, and with more jobs requiring tertiary training
Environmental issues
Social issues
Continuing growth of ICT
Australia's continued good ranking with the OECD benchmark
Equity, democracy, justice and respect.
provide access to high quality education free from discrimination
ensure schools build on cultural and contextual understanding by working in partnership with local communities
ensure that learning outcomes improve for low socioeconomic students
schools will contribute to a socially cohesive society, appreciating cultural diversity
encourage the whole community to have high education expectations - promote a culture of excellence
promote personalised learning that aims to fulfill the diverse capabilities of each young Australian.
Goal 1 - Australian schooling will promote equity and excellence, and
Goal 2 - All young Australians will become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.
Goal 2 has three subsections
All young Australians will become:
successful learners
confident and creative individuals
active and informed citizens.
Successful learners
develop capacity to learn and be an active participant - a motivated learner
have essential skills in literacy, numeracy, technology
develop logical and deep thinking and evaluation skills
are able to problem solve
are able to work autonomously and collaboratively and communicate well.
Confident and creative
have a sense of self worth, self awareness
are optimistic
demonstrate initiative
demonstrate creativity
develop values such as honesty, resilience, empathy and respect for others
have knowledge skills and understanding to maintain a healthy life
have the confidence and capability to pursue tertiary education
able to form and maintain healthy relationships
embrace opportunities, make rational decisions and accept responsibility.
Active and
informed citizens
act with moral and ethical integrity
appreciate and respect Australia's social, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity
understand Australia's history, system of government and culture, including Indigenous cultures and possess the knowledge skills and understanding and benefits of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians
commit to national values of democracy, equity and justice
relate to a multicultural community
work towards a common good regarding sustainability and improving natural and social environments
are responsible global and local citizens.
Further information
This is not a comprehensive look at the Melbourne Declaration. For further information go to the above site.
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