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Bella Pini

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of BANGLADESH

Bangladesh is a small country found in Asia . It is surrounded by India and Myanmar. It is about 147 , 000 square kilometres.


Bangladesh's History
people in Bangladesh have been living in Bangladesh for thousads of years , however it only became an independent country in 1971
in 2012 Bangladesh's population 154 million compared to Australia's population of 23 million
Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon - type climate. The period from April is hot and rainy and the cooler months are dry.
Natural features
in the southeast of Bangladesh there are some mountains called the Chittagong Hills it is near here that the world's largest beach called Cox's Bazar
people have been living in Bngladesh for thousands of years. Although Bangladesh only became an independant country in 1971
Bangladesh's History
Bangladesh's Religion
The main religion in Bangladesh is islam which up 88% and hindu making up another 12% of the population
Astralia and Bangladesh
Australia was the first western country to recognise Bangladesh's independance in 1971. They are also both members of the commonwealth of nations and have lots of sports in common.
Per Capita
Bangladesh's per captia is a mere 1 ,883 us dollars a yearcompared to Australa 's which is about 44 ,500 us dollars a year.
Mortality Rates
In 2013 , 33 babies out of every 1000 born died , compared to 81 in 1998
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