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My Immigrant Interview Project

This is my immigrant interview project for civics and I did my project on my friend's mom because she is an immigrant from Chile, so she knows Spanish, and she moved to Canada, where she learned French, and now she is happily living in the U.S.A.

Nene Cota

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of My Immigrant Interview Project

By Sidney Cota My Immigrant Interview Project I'm doing my immigrant interview project on my friend's mom/neighbor. Her name is Alejandra Vilches- Howell. She is originally from Chile, then moved to Canada and then moved to the U.S.A. She was 30 years old at time of immigration to U.S. The Reason Alejandra came to America was for better
work because she had just married her husband in
Canada and she just had two out of three of her children.
She needed more money to support her children by
giving them food, clothes on their backs, and a roof
over their head. For Liberty and Justice for All.
America Can Help Us All. Alejandra told me that the immigration process
was as easy as it gets. It came so easy for her because she already knew how to speak English
with some of her husband's help. The immigration
process was also easy for her because her husband was there to support her and give her any emotional support she needed. Alejandra's status is: a Legal Resident of the United States. Alejandra and her husband Nathan. Alejandra describes the immigration process as not that long. She said it took approximately three months. Alejandra said it was worth it though because she has a better life now with her husband, Nathan Howell, and her three kids: Sabrina Howell, Melyssa Howell, and Christofer Howell. Alejandra's
3 Kids An interesting fact you probably didn't know about Alejandra is that she knows who to speak Spanish and French, on top of English. Even though Alejandra was once an immigrant, she is just like a normal U.S. citizen. She has a regular job, a regular chance to vote, a regular duty to pay taxes, and a regular opportunity to volunteer, just like a U.S. citizen. Alejandra in 2010. Any
Questions? A Map of Chile. Chile is the lighter section of the map all the way on the left. Chile is very long but not very wide. Alejandra and her family in 2003.
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