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New Product Marketing

No description

Thomas Pham

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of New Product Marketing

Don't allow your day to be ruined because your socks got wet.
The high quality nylon allows the sock to be both breathable, but water-proof at the same time.
This sock provides comfort and support as a sock while resisting all water.
What is it?
Water-Proof Socks
Made from highly resistant Nylon and PVC
These socks can withstand all sorts of terrain from river beds to the deep blue sea
Allows both comfort and water repellence
Durable enough to last all day with 100% resistance.
$30 for two pairs of these amazing socks
The Socks come in solid colors of Black, Gray, White, Blue,and Pink.*also have socks available for kids in patterns of ladybugs,butterflies,monster trucks,and sharks.
Not happy: 60 day warranty-Money Back guaranteed.
Get Yours Today!
Have you ever gotten your socks wet
From rain, spills, or just a puddle of water?
Know that Feeling?

GEN X Socks
Do you hate the feeling of wet feet? Water can sometimes be a pain when it is constantly soaking your socks. Try these one of a kind exciting socks. You can always have a pair of these socks handy when the rainy season comes!

What's the catch?
Closing thoughts
*Enter this code and receive a free pair of child's Gen X Socks when you order one set of socks.
The next generation of socks!
Pomo Code*11514816
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