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The Amazing Michigan

No description

Omer Junedi

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of The Amazing Michigan

The Amazing Michigan
The U.P has small mountains and rolling hills
L.P has nice low flat land
The Michigan Reigons are split in two parts U.P and L.P
The Mackinac Bridge connects the U.P and the L.P
Natural Resources
Some Natural Resources in Michigan are Water, Salt, Copper, Iron, Limestone, Oil, Gas, Sand, Minerals, Glass and wood all these are located in the Lower Penusla of michigan.
Frankunmuth is located in Saginaw County
4934 is the population of frankunmuth
Frankunmuth is 3.039 sqaure miles
Francunmuth means " Courage of the Franconians"
Always Open
Connects U.S.A and Canada
At the end of I-96
" Visitors must clear and proper identification is required
Ambassodor Bridge
Tourist Attactions
The fifth longest supension bridge in the world
It is 26,372 (5 miles)
Width of roadway is 54 feet
200 feet above water level
Mackinac Bridge
Inland Lakes
Orchard Lake
Orchard lake is 4.12 square miles
Orchard lake is 795 acres big
Orchard lake is the second biggest lake in Oakland county
Apple Island and Cedar Island are in the middle of Orchard Lake
Mackinac Island
The area of Mackinac Island is 18.84 sqaure miles
493 is the population of Mackinac Island
Automobiles got bannned in 1898

Apple Island
Apple Island is 35 Acres big
Apple island is in the middle of Orchard lake
2nd graders are only allowed to go on the Island
The Island was formed 10,000 to 12,000 years ago
State Park
Grand Haven State Park
The State Park is 48 acres big
The park has 174 campsites
There is a very popular beach
There is a lighthouse on the beach
Alpena Lighthouse
The Alpena Lighthouse is known as the Thunder Bay River Lighthouse or the Alpena Breakwater Light
It was built in 1914
It is 34 feet tall
It was originally painted in
but in 1950 it got painted bright
Detroit river
32 miles long
The current speed is 1-3 feet per second
The Detroit river contains 21 islands
Over 5 million people live in the Detroit River watershed
Hands-on Museum
The museum was founded in 1978
The museum has over 250 exhibits
The museum has 2floors
The museum opened in 1978 and welcomed over 25,000 people in it's first year
Detroit is the most popular city in Michigan
It is 142.9 sq. miles (370 km2)
The population is 701,475
The unemployment rate in Detroit is 18.8%
Lansing is the capitol of Michigan
The population of Lansing is133,996
The area is 36.68 sq. miles (95 km2)
Lansing is in Ingham County
Unwanted FRame
Map and Key
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