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"The Scorch Trials"

No description

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of "The Scorch Trials"

"The Scorch Trials"
This is a sequel to the book "The Maze Runner". Also there are lots of weird things that happen, For example:
"The Maze Runner"
The Gladers
There are characters that can communicate telepathically
The Flare
The Cranks
The facility
The Inciting Incident- The inciting incident was a large part of the book. It foreshadowed many things in the book to happen.
The tattoos
Designated jobs
Group A
The Flare
"Rat Man"
Phase 1 and phase 2
The Flat Trans
The dark tunnel
The spheres
Two Gladers killed
Outside of the tunnel
Really bright
Walking towards the city
The storm
Seven Gladers killed
The building
Group of others in the building
George and Minho get in a fight
Georges friends threaten to kill Minho
Rising Action
Inciting Incident
The Climax- The climax is a large turning part in the story. It is definitely a very suspenseful, exciting part of the story.
They find group B and Teresa
Teresa and Aris start to act like traitors
Teresa and Aris trick Thomas and put him in a gas chamber
Teresa takes Thomas back to group B's camp
Group B ties Thomas to a tree
Minho and some other gladers save Thomas then try to go to the safe haven
On the way to the haven they are attacked
The rising action- the rising action were arguably some of the best parts in the book.
Attacked by cranks
Brenda and Thomas are stuck with each other
Thomas gets shot
WICKED helps to restore him
Falling Action
Falling Action- The falling action was interesting as well as the rest of the story however it was very confusing as it was supposed to be.
The pilot
Promised the cure to the Flare and told to relax
The Resolution- The resolution was extremely suspenseful.
The Resolution
By: James Dashner
Major Character
Minor Character
If he died there would be no story

Although he is very important there would still be a story should he die
Thomas versus WICKED
Thomas versus What he doesn't know
They created the maze
They are making the gladers go through the tests
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