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Bernardo de Galvez

No description

omar Arriaga

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Bernardo de Galvez

Bernardo de Galvez

Origins &

Through the poor young Galvez ,at the age of 16, studied military science
governor of

Bernardo was sent to Louisiana as colonel and interim of the province,in 1777
louisianna 1777


General Galvez sent gunpowder, rifles, bullets, blankets, medicine and other supplies to the armies of General George Washington and General George Rogers Clark
Once Spain entered the war against Great Britain in 1779, this dashing young officer raised an army in New Orleans and drove the British out of the Gulf of Mexico.
General Galvez captured five British forts in the Lower Mississippi Valley.
They repelled a British and Indian attack in St. Louis, Missouri and captured the British fort of St. Joseph in present-day Niles, Michigan.
Spanish troops storm the British positions
In the Spanish invasion of Portugal, which soon stalled after the Spanish had captured Almeida.During the conflict he was promoted to Lieutenant. He arrived in Mexico, then New Spain, in 1762
Galvez was born in Macharaviaya,on a mountain village in the province of Malaga,Spain,on July 23, 1746
In 1777, he married doña Marie Felice de Saint-Maxent Estrehan, a young Criolla widow. They had three children, Miguel, Matilde and Guadalupe.
The importance of Galvez's campaign from the American perspective was that he denied the British the opportunity of encircling the American rebels from the south, and kept open a vital conduit for supplies.
In recognition of his work and help to the American cause, George Washington took him to his right in the parade of July 4 and the American Congress cited Gálvez for his aid during the Revolution
Galveston Bay, Galveston, Texas, Galveston County, Texas, Galvez, Louisiana, and St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana were, among others, named after him.
Hotel Galvez in Galveston,TX
in honor of Bernardo de Galvez
He practiced an anti-British policy as governor, taking measures against British smuggling and promoting trade with France
The moutain village of Macharaviaya
Name 3 things Bernardo de Galvez did to helped America
List 2 things Galvez did as spanish Governor
Was Bernardo de Galvez's role in the American Revolution significant? why or why not?
QUIZ !!!!
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