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Training Day

iPad training presentation by Mark Talbot Director of Emerging Technologies, Bodmin College

Mark Talbot

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Training Day

CONTENT ITUNES Music Film Tv Programmes Apps Podcasts iTunesU Ping Wireless Network Access Webdav Digital magazines Video Fast and Easy to Use: When I passed my iPad around the room there was absolutely no instruction needed. Every student just “knew” how to use it. Every app opens flawlessly and fast. I know teaching I get frustrated with computer problems: slow systems,applications not working, saving students work, and lots of questions on how to fix a problem or navigate through something. All of that is gone with the iPad. It’s “ON” instantly, and the apps open just as fast. No waiting. There is also no saving. When you leave and application everything is automatically saved. I love the simplicity and speed. It’s fast! cloud screen shot Newstand Accessibility Camera Please take some photos and shoot some video. You have 3 minutes for this. Please generate content during the course of this session Press and hold
both buttons
at the same time Storage Internet browser WHAT NEXT? Explore itunes content
Book our ipad set
Request content by 'tell a friend' (tm@bodmincollege.cornwall.sch.uk)
Book my time during or after school to support you in your use of iPads to enhance Teaching and Learning Audiobooks 40,000 Apps in the iPad Education store
14Billion App downloads to date Explain Everything This is a Fantastic App. This has great potential to help those who can not afford an Interactive White Board (IWB) to use their iPads as one instead. A wonderful app, easy to use and emmulates a lot of the core functions of a IWB, which the iPad was missing.

Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design tool that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations. You can create dynamic interactive lessons, activities, assessments, and tutorials using Explain Everything's flexible and integrated design. Use Explain Everything as an interactive whiteboard using the iPad2 video display.

Explain Everything records on-screen drawing, annotation, object movement and captures audio via the iPad microphone. Import Photos, PDF, PPT, and Keynote from Dropbox, Evernote, Email, iPad photo roll and iPad2 camera. Export MP4 movie files, PNG image files, and share the .XPL project file with others for collaboration.

Explain Everything was designed for use in educational, business, and entertainment settings. Apples version of powerpoint Apples version of Excel Alternative versions of the office suite Apples DTP App View ONLY Prezi App Your collection of books and the iTunes book store Fantastic Textbook app where you can purchase and use new innovative college textbooks Read your Kindle collection Fantastic App for dyslexic students Now? Incredible first edition books and manuscripts from the Britsh Library Create simple story books Whole set of Shakespeare's work Great Poetry starter app Simple voice recorder, large buttons for ease of use. Set up class or individual spelling tests Great app for students with communication difficulties a slightly more advanced but less user friendly book creator app Apple's fantastic app for creating, editing and exporting your own video video editing app that can be used on the ipad 1 (without a camera) Apples terrific 8 track recording studio iPad Training innovative screen sharing apps Great video app for watching TED Lectures Fantastic way of finding new music BUT WHY?
Takes the technology to the learner
Opens up the possiblities of Spaces for learning
Moves the teacher from presenter of their knowledge to facilitator of learning
Narrows the gap between the digital (home) and analogue (college) experience of the student
Mobile content is engaging and regularly updated.
Mobile content is created by teachers and learners.
Desktop computers are dead and laptops are on death row.

We need to re-evaluate our existing practise
Take a current textbook as an example:
When its printed its out of date.
It cant be updated.
The initial cost is excessive.
It does not have video content
You cannot network with other users to share ideas and questions. Every new daily edition is delivered straight to newstand A regularly updated list of all the best and latest Apps for students with Autism http://www.apple.com/education/apps/

What ideas do you have for using this technology?

What support do you need?

What have you found that you would like to share? Find Fliq Notes neu.Annotate Overview Check out the new apps on the 3rd and 4th screen search for great new design Dont forget: screen shot throughout your exploration! Apple's IOS5 overview Bodmin College create your own ebooks Cool whiteboard app Make or download your own flashcard sets This apps works with the new smart covers for the iPad2 Great for any subject
Make photographic cartoons easily. Just plain weird!! The amazing possibilities of augmented reality use your ipad to control photoshop on a computer Wow!! An incredible way of tracing your surroundings!! A superb app that demonstrates the potential of digital textbooks Use the camera to translate a foreign language! An incredible industry standard drawing and painting app Set up your own class voting system Open from and save your work to your dropbox account save work to and from a computer running drop copy Make incredible 3D designs using flowers as inspiration A really easy fun way to make Art we can make our own digital magazines and view them locally with this App A great inspirational digital book for deigners Brand new venture for the British Journal of Photography....an incredible new magazine Subscribe, download and read from hundreds of Magazines. Take your ipad into the kitchen and use it as a recipe book ith reference videos to help you cook a scrumptious meal Development Group Training Explore itunes and the app store on the device Check out Apps in the DTP folder Use bookcreator and creative book builder Notemaking Photography CMM Show me Generate content for the following: dont forget in creative book builder you can add video! Creative Mixed Media Explain Everything Comic Life Sharing Documents Pro Neu.annotate iMovie strip designer Flashcards Use either an ipad 2 or a camera and camera connector with an ipad 1 Look at pages in particular (webdav server now up and running) Korg ikaossilator (music) Dropbox Webdav Student content
Staff pre-prepared content Check the SEN folder for SEN Support reel director aurasma iDisk and Saving
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