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Can highlighters make water glow in the dark?

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Cristina Abion

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Can highlighters make water glow in the dark?

By: Kodi Bell Can highlighters
make water
glow in the dark? Procedure Conclusion Resources Highlighters glow under a black light because of the fluorescence in its ink. Wiki Answers.com Purpose My purpose is to find out if a highlighter contains a glow-in-the dark substance. Step-by-Step Directions:

Step 1: Pour water in cup.
Step 2: Remove cap from highlighter.
Step 3: Place highlighter in cup.
Step 4: Turn on the black lights.
Step 5: See if the highlighter can make the cup of water glow. The conclusion is that in black light the highlighter can make water glow. Research Highlighter Cup Black Light Water My hypothesis is that the highlighter will glow. Hypothesis Black light is only black because not a lot of the light of the lamp is in the visible spectrum.
The materials glow because of fluorescence: absorbing the light and transmitting it at another frequency.
Most is actually UV light.
We cannot see UV light but we can see the retransmitted visible light causing the object to glow. Materials The black light shined on the cup and you could see a bright yellow glow coming from the water around it. Results
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