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The Black Death

No description

Selma Makas

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of The Black Death

The Black Death By Selma Makas Description of the bubonic plague The black plague happened by fleas going on to humans and rats. The plague started in Asia and spread to the Mediterranean Sea.
The black plague was named after the black dots that appeared on the victim’s skins. I was forced to smoke Told by people People that lived in London protected themselves by smoking tobacco to prevent themselves from getting the plague. There were even young kids who smoked tobacco. Tom Rogers told a reporter when he was at school the plague had struck. Boys were ordered to smoke. Tom remembers getting whipped really hard for not smoking tobacco. He said he was never whipped so hard in his life for not smoking. A J Bell a reporter in the 1700’s said that most of the people that owned a tobacco shop had never gotten the plague. Dr. George Thomson wore a dead toad around he’s neck thinking that he would survive. Did you know?! The Black Plague interesting facts Dr. George Thomson
If people were wealthy enough they could afford health certificates and leave the country so that meant they could easily prevent the plague. The poor would stay in the city dying with no cures.

Charlatans went to London and stayed to be doctors. (people who lied and tricked people that they had knowledge of doctors. Also known as a fraud.)These Charlatans sold “plague water” and unicorn horns which are powered and frog legs. It was unknown what was put in the unicorn powered horns. Apparently it was also known that chicken feathers out of a live chicken would draw out the poison of the buboes which allowed the patient to recover. Did you know?! The Black Death The Buboes, which appeared on the persons skins who were affected, the buboes had a black fluid in it Charlatans and Lies The lies of the Plague The Unknown Cures The Black Death Mysteries It is known that some people have survived the plague. It is still unsure what might have they used for cures. There was a 14 year old boy who he and his sister were diagnosed with the plague and they were locked in there house and there mother looked after them. They both had survived but again the cure that they used remains unknown. The stages of the plague The Black Plague The early stages of the Plague: Buboes appear ( under the armpits, in the neck, or in the groin, ranging in size from 1 to 10 cm found in 70% in those who get infected) Fever
Abdominal pain
Diarrhea, which may be bloody
Decreased appetite
Tiny broken blood vessels Symptoms: When the bacteria reaches the bloodstream The stages of the Bubonic Plague Symptoms that indicate the bubonic plague has reached this stage include: Chills, Fever, Severe, headache, Rapid heart rate, Nausea, Vomiting, Delirium and a likely chance of Death. When the plague affects the lungs Bubonic Plague Symptoms in the Lungs only effected 10-20% of people affected with the plague. The symptoms are as follows:
Increased breathing
Difficulty breathing
Coughing up blood
Respiratory failure
Death usually occurs from two to six days. When bubonic plague reaches the lungs, 75% greater chance of death . Survey Monkey Results I had conducted a survey in which 13 people had participated and I had found out some information. About the Black Plague Analyzing Results The 1st question was ''With so much deaths from the Black Plague, if the plague was in the 21st century, do you think people would live longer and survive? Why or Why not?'' 8 people has said yes we would survive because we have better medication, knowledge, more doctors, specialists and we have useful resources. This shows that the knowledge of doctors has risen and we will be able to survive the Black Plague if it came. On the other hand 2 people had said no, because it will not happen in the 21st century, people would die at the same rate because there are still rats around. 5 people said that they were unsure The Black Plague killed a lot of people, how long do you think the people infected with the buboes might have lived? 7 people said 3-5 days and this was the correct answer. The death rate was really high due to the lack of medications and mostly the knowledge of the doctors. 3 People had said 1 month thinking that the death wasn't sudden and quick. 1 person had said 2 weeks which is long time to live back then if you had the plague. The Black Plague Summing Up In the end, my main purpose of conducting the survey is to spread the awareness of the Black Plague, and to see how many people know about this very deadly disease. You never know it might come back and we need to find ways to not die from this since the victims life span was 3-5 days. The inspiration was from an article about a 7 year old girl in America who went camping and got the Plague, she was rushed to hospital with all the treatment she managed to stay alive. We need to know if our doctors are ready if something like this occurs to a large population. Do you know of anyone who has had the Black Plague? Out of 13 people surveyed nobody knew someone or has heard of someone who was diagnosed with the plague. This means that a lot of people have died form the plague so quick that nobody got to hear of anyone who has had the plague. On the scale, show your knowledge of the Black Plague? The one with the most hits was ''Not a Clue'' . This shows that 38.5% people surveyed didn't know anything. 2 people (15.4%) knew a bit of information, 15.4%, 2 people had an average knowledge 30.4%, 4 people said they basic info, Nobody knew a lot. Again, this shows that not everyone knows about the Plague risks. How do you think we could stop the Black Plague from happening again? 8 people said to check immigrants from overseas basically customs and border protection do this, kill bacteria around the house etc, said better education, said more doctors, find a cure, get medication, Be careful of rats, cleaner environment and 5 people had no idea. This shows that 8 people of of 13 know how we could prevent the plague from happening which is a very good thing. For people to prevent spreading the plague, at markets people would give there recipients their money in a bowl of vinegar instead of putting it in their hand. When meat was bought they would grab the joint with a hook. Markets and Prevention The Black Plague How the Plague Spread The Black Plague The plague would be on the Italian rat infested ships.

This ship would travel back from Asia to Europe.

Eventually the plague would spread. The first prevention of the Black Plague People wore costumes to prevent the plague from spreading. This method unfortunately didn’t work. Doctors Magic The Lucky Charm Lots of people wore lucky charms to prevent themselves from the plague and surprisingly it was recommended by doctors! Popular Cures Another popular cure was to make the patient with the bubonic plague sweat then applying their sweat to their buboes. A pigeon that was recently killed was also a popular cure. The Black Plague Bibliography The Black Plague 2012. Cures for the Bubonic Plague. History Learning Site. [Online] 2012. [Cited: 29 October 2012.] http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/cures_plague_1665.htm. 2012. Cures for the Bubonic Plague. History Learning Site. [Online] 2012. [Cited: 29 October 2012.] http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/cures_plague_1665.htm.
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