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Otis Boykin

No description

Eduardo Garcia

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Otis Boykin

Birth Place and Death
Otis F. Boykin was born on August 29, 1920 in Dallas Texas but shortly after he was born him and his family moved to Tennessee. He died on March 13, 1982 of heart failure.
His Mother is Sarah Cox and she was a homemaker and his Dad is Walter Benjamin Boykin also he has nine siblings two sisters and 7 brothers. His wife is Pearlie Mae Kimble and had one daughter named Carmen Boykin.
Otis F. Boykin attended Fisk College in Nashville, Tennessee and Graduated in 1941. He tried to complete his masters in 1946 and in 1947 at Illinois Institution of Technology in Illinois Chicago but had to drop out because he could not pay next years tuition.
Otis F.Boykin
In 1941 right after college he went to go work at Majestic Radio and T.V. Corporation in Chicago Illinois working with flight controls and also quickly rose to be a supervisor. Three years later he left and went to go work for P.J. Nelsons laboratory as a research engineer. While he was there he was interested in resistors but shortly after that he left and created his own company known as Boykin-Fruth Inc.
Contribution to society
He invented the resistors for computers,
radios and televisions. When he died he
had 28 patents under his name. For his
first he had it patented on June 16, 1959
two years later in 1961 he came up with a
new and improved version that was much
cheaper and more sufficient.It was an
outstanding break through because it was
able to withstand extreme temperature
changes and various levels of pressure
and trauma without impairing it's
effectiveness another thing
thing that it was......
reliable than any other resistor on
the market. It was such a big deal
that Electronic Manufactures asked for
them so did the U.S. Military and IBM.
In 1964 he moved to Paris so that he
can sell his resistors to more company's
for computers and guided missiles. He
also invented a chemical air filter and a
Burglarproof cash register. But his most
famous invention was the Pacemaker
to keep the heart at a steady beat
but it was so ironic that he died
from heart failure in 1982.
Reasons why I choose this person
I choose this inventor because it caught my eyes that he invented the resistor for guided missiles but also the other reason was because he made the Pacemaker and that is very important because if it was not invented there would be a lot more deaths to heart failure but now with the pacemaker it is more likely that they will live longer and little bit more healthier.
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