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Forces lesson

This prezie has been created to coincide with my KS3 Physics lesson on forces and should be used in collaboration with my other resources and lesson plan.

R Reaney

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Forces lesson

Mission Objectives All agents will be able to draw a force diagram with correct units for force, mass and acceleration.

Most agents will be able to identify and explain whether forces acting on a body are balanced or unbalanced.

Some agents will be able to rearrange the equation for F=ma. Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. Mission Objectives The Mission Each team of agents will have their own Avenger file.
In this file you will find details of your character and
two scenarios relating to your character and forces.
Your mission is to work as a team to successfully
answer the questions. You will then present your findings to the rest of the class.

Once you have completed this task you will move on to the next objective which is to write an original storyboard
relating to both your specific Avenger and forces acting upon them. The size and direction of the forces involved should be indicated using arrows. You will then come up with a calculation relating to both your scenario and the forces involved.

Finally you will present your scenario to the rest of the class and explain what forces are involved and how you calculated them using your force diagram and mathematical force calculation. The Hulk The Hulk has been surrounded by tanks from evil Dr. Red Skull’s robot army. The Hulk lifts a tank off the ground and holds it in both hands above his head. Before he throws the tank can you calculate the weight of the tank if its mass is 569 kg and the gravitational constant is 9.81m/s^2?

If the Hulk was on the planet Zorg, calculate the gravitational constant for that planet if the mass was the same as on earth and the tank weighed 8147.32 N? Iron Man Iron Man must stop a nuclear missile that is flying towards New York? Your mission is to calculate the size of the force the missile is producing when it’s mass is 780 kg and gravity is 9.81 m/s^2. If the missile is traveling at a constant rate are the forces acting upon the missile balanced or unbalanced?

Can you calculate the acceleration of the missile if it has a mass of 500 kg and a force of 4905 N by rearranging the equation used in the scenario above? Hawk Eye Hawk Eye uses a variety of arrows with different tips. One particular arrow is used for piercing Kevlar body armor. If the force required to penetrate the Kevlar is 143 N and the arrow has a mass of 10 grams calculate the acceleration required. Use appropriate units.

If Hawk Eye uses an arrow with a mass of 0.01 kg, what is the acceleration if the force is 1.5 N? If he uses an arrow with a mass of 22 grams and missile properties that boost its acceleration to give a force of 17 N, calculate the acceleration of the arrow. Thor Thor has been imprisoned by his evil half brother Loci the God of Mischief. Loci knocked Thor out cold by hitting him over the head with his magic staff. The staff has a mass of 4.7 kg and is accelerating at 47 m/s²

(Draw a force diagram showing whether the forces involved when Thor throws his hammer with a force of 378 N at a bullet traveling towards him at 267N are balanced and the direction of each force).
Captain America Captain America has been parachuted into Nazi Germany to capture the evil Dr. Red Skull. Your mission is to calculate Captain America’s mass as he is parachuting when gravitational acceleration is 9.81m/s^2 and the force applied is 882.9 N.

Draw a force diagram showing the directions and size of the forces acting upon Captain America as he parachutes to Earth. State the forces at work and whether they are balanced or unbalanced. The Black Widow The Black Widow has been surrounded by a ring of evil mercenaries. To escape she must use her two hand guns and shoot her way out. Your mission is to calculate the mass of the bullet being fired when the force produced is 59.61 N and the bullet is accelerating at 1987 m/s^2 as it leaves the barrel of the gun.

If the Black Widow used a different gun with bullets that weighed 12 grams and the bullets left the gun traveling at 3.1 km/s^2, calculate the force produced in Newtons.
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