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Test taking and anxiety

No description

Loren Streeter

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Test taking and anxiety

Test taking Skills
-Make sure you are prepared with all your materials.

Test Taking and Anxiety
What is Test taking Anxiety?
Test taking anxiety is getting nervous and or anxious while taking tests. Test taking anxiety is normal for a lot of students. There are many ways to overcome test taking anxiety that will help you do better on your next tests.
Overcoming Test Anxiety
-On test day, do not sit near distractions such as loud fans or air vents
-Take breaks to breathe or drink water
-Express anxiety to someone, getting it off your chest helps.

Test Taking Skills and Overcoming Test Anxiety
By: Mariah Busick, Bodie Buse, Loren Streeter
-Make sure you feel comfortable with the information you are being tested on, if not make time to study
-Try to avoid careless mistakes
What are Test taking Skills?
These are skills necessary for taking a test and getting a good grade. These skills are the way you approach your test and how you get through it.
-Break the day down into minutes, it helps the brain keep control of time
-Think positive
-Get enough sleep, nourishment, and exercise.
-Avoid cramming in studying for the night before the test
-Get a good nights sleep before the test so you're well rested.
-Allow yourself plenty of time to take the test so you don't feel rushed
-Answer more practice questions than assigned
-Jot down memory tricks and formulas in margins such as acronyms and math formulas
-Do not leave any questions blank
-Read all the directions carefully
-Budget time while taking the test spread out your time to make sure you are not rushed
-Check over your answers when you are done with the test
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