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The happy prince:setting and point of view

No description

Damian Purdy

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of The happy prince:setting and point of view

The happy prince:setting and point of view
Type of narrator
The narrator of the story is an objective or "camera-eye narrator" because they only report whats visible to a camera and is spoken in the third person and its explained as its happening
Ireland city in the winter in the late 19th century. population in 1840s was at 8 million and by 1880 there was 4.5 million. the city was extremely poverished and a very tough time for most common people
Point of view
the story is told from mainly the sparrows point of view he goes through the story slowly gaining knowledge and becoming a better person then the other point of view is the happy prince it shows when he cries that he isnt that happy and sees all the poverity and bad in his city and then wants to help
Happy prince info
the happy prince was viewed so highly ny the people because he was so perfect in every way with all of his gold and jewels but once the gold was gone he was nothing to them even after all he did for the town, he was still thrown out like trash
The sparrow info
the sparrow starts off in the story as a self centered character who doesnt like people or wants to help them since they were mean to him but the prince changes the sparrow into a great person and ends up staying and dying in the town just to help the townspeople showing change in his point of view
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