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the notebook vs. Romeo and Juliet

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roz fraser

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of the notebook vs. Romeo and Juliet

the notebook vs. Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet starring Leonardo Decaprio is a modern day take on Shakespeare's classic play. It's themes include lust and despair using Shakespearian english, but in a modern day setting. Despite being an interesting take on the english literature this form of language which written in 1591-1595 seems outdated for a movie produced in the 1980s.
the times in The Notebook
The notebook is set during the early 1940s. It is a love story which takes you through the history of two soul-mates with the man reading to his wife who is sick with alzheimer's. Filled with lust, passion, sorrow and despair it flows well and is set in a time period that makes sense with modern language and plot.
Both stories include Forbidden love, banishment, and tragic endings. In the notebook Allie is a wealthy women where as Noah is a man of modest means. They are forbidden because of their social status yet follow their hearts anyway. Romeo and Juliet's love was forbidden because of an on-going fewd between their families. In the Notebook one night Allie's parents get worried about where she is and find her with Noah. They then proceed to tell Allie she is to never see Noah again. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is banished from Verona. Both of these love stories end in tragedy. They die for eachother. In the Notebook Noah with Allie because of his love for her. In Romeo and Juliet, Both Romeo and Juliet kill themselves after believing that the other has died.
Although both are very similar i believe that the The Notebook is more powerful in period it is set in, compared to the modern readaption of Romeo and Juliet
the Notebook Vs. Romeo and Juliet
Love stories have been around for centuries. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and the Notebook share many similarities. In both stories the main characters, Romeo and Juliet and Allie and Noah are starcrossed lovers, who fall in love despite this. There are many more parallels to both Romeo and Juliet, and the Notebook.
The Era in Romeo and Juliet

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