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French Colonization

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Jessica Oxendine

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of French Colonization

French Exploration & Colonization
Reasons for Exploration
French wanted to find a
Northwest Passage
- a waterway connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately it is usually covered with ice since it is located in the Arctic Ocean.
Samuel de Champlain
Champlain traveled to modern-day Canada
1604- he established the 1st French colony at Nova Scotia (in Canada)
In 1608- he established Quebec
He continued to explore the Northeastern portion of North America especially the area of New York
Reasons for Colonization
French explorers realized that
animal furs
from North America could bring them a lot of money. French colonists realized that Native Americans could help them trap the animals that would bring them money. Because the French needed the help of Native Americans, they treated the Native Americans quite well (unlike the Spanish- remember Cortes).
Coureurs de bois
were French fur traders that lived near the Native Americans.
New France Grows
Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet traveled south on the Mississippi River (from the Great Lakes to Arkansas). As they traveled, they claimed land along the Mississippi River Valley for France. French explorer, La Salle, explored the Mississippi River from Arkansas all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. As he traveled to the Gulf, he claimed the land for France and called it "Louisiana" in honor of King Louis of France.
Although France did not establish many colonies, they played an important role in colonization. The French were really the only colonists that treated the Natives fairly which will help the French in making strong
Northwest Passage
Drawing showing Coureurs de bois with Native Americans
French Louisiana
It's all about the fur!
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