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World History

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Melike Hyman

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of World History

Finally Melike Hyman Assessments Welcome 2.08 Comparative history
3.02 Big picture Africa
3.03 Early Mesoamerican civilizations
4.02 Italian city- states
4.07 Slavery
4.09 Module project M.O- {"The Boy Is Tied"} 3.02 Big Picture Africa Lunda and Luba The two kingdoms traded not only with other African peoples but also with Arabs along the Indian Coast and with Portuguese along the Atlantic Coast. Both survived well into the 18th century CE. I remember learning so much when they came. form new language, to the stories they had to tell, it was amazing Even our Historians debate
why they split to this day.
But when i was reading a book my
grandfather wrote about this it showed
that they never lost their roots. Kindness Education Support The Arts Generosity To Feeble Defend The Church The main elements of the Japanese bushido are kindness, Education and supporting the arts. Also they when through a ritual act of suicide called hara-kiri. If a samurai failed his lord in battle, He was expected to commit suicide. This suicide involved a samurai using a knife to cut his abdomen, After which an assistant would cut off the warrior’s head. Also, They stressed that a samurai should be educated and then support the arts.

Elements of European chivalry are generosity to the feeble, Defending the church, And championing a lady. Knights often championed a lady by protecting her and defending her honor. This relationship between a knight and his lady sparked the imagination of many writers, Who transformed it through their writings into an romantic love. Also the code of chivalry that a knight followed stressed defense of the Christian church and loyalty to the lord. And Music by Christon Gray M.O Lessions by ET- The Hip Hop Preacher Stories by Swooize 3.03 Early Mesoamerican Civilizations 4.09 The Birth of New Ideas Madrid [Spain] Florence :Italy 2.08 Comparative History : Eastern and Western 04.07 Slavery 3/24/2013 World history Teacher Ms. Friedline Mumbai, India The elements of bushido and chivalry that would work well for a code of chivalry in today’s world would be courage in battle, Loyalty, Kindness, Education. I believe that these element are needed in this world today due to the fact that without an education. You will not find a job easily. Also courage in battle is one of the biggest ones, Used not only in war, But also by sports as well. Pushing yourself harder and harder ever day to become better.
The Bushido of the samurai emphasized kindness, And mercy.

Being kind is a way of living, Not just a feeling. It keeps giving long after the kind thoughts, Words, and Actions have taken place. It goes well beyond the matters of the heart. It's how people respect and treat one another.
Bushido's stressed that a samurai should be educated.

In an economy where knowledge is the most valuable commodity a person and a country have to offer, The best jobs will go to the best educated, whether they live in the United States or India or China- US President Barack Obama
Bushido stressed that a samurai should be educated and support the arts.

I believe we need to support the arts. Due to the fact that it shows who we are , And the uniqueness in inside of all of us. Also the differences between all of us, But this is what unites us as one. See when some one sees who you are through a piece of art. They get to know you on a deeper level than just talking to you.
The code of chivalry that a knight followed stressed generosity to the feeble

The reason why I have chosen to care for the feeble, Is really simply because it's human nature. We must take care and help each other. This is a key element, In the foundation of why the knight's lasted as long as they did. The code of chivalry that a knight followed stressed defense of the Christian church.

Defending the church is basically defending what you believe in an support to be right. Over time many people were willing to fight , And die over these topics. so this shows, That we must protect what we hold to be true. Mad love to M.O for making a song about me The Bantu came to dominate much of the region in the first millennium, and with them, they brought farming. The first communities formed around agriculture, fishing, and local crafts, including pottery and mining. They grew strong through trade, and in time, formed kingdoms. Though small, Our two kingdoms grew strong through metalworking and trade, especially in salt. Salt was so valuable in trade, it was used not only as a currency, but also became a major source of political power. I mean when I when to the market with salt to trade, people looked at me like i did something to them. Like i toke the salt from them. But what ever, more on our pass. I heard from my great great grandfather that The Bantu, who were primarily farmers, spread south and east, blending with local hunter–gatherers who inhabited the areas that they settled.
He said that their were so many that , when they split apart. their became, cracks in the earth, and that's how we have borders Over time, the descendants of the first wave of migrants would push farther south, spreading their language and culture throughout the region. In time, as more people settled along the coast, they, too, would become traders. {Paris }France Rome {Italy} Venice {Italy} The French Renaissance include the development of new techniques and artistic forms in the fields of printing, architecture, painting, sculpture, music, the sciences and literature; and the elaboration of new codes of sociability, and etiquette. Basilique du Sacré Louvre Museum The French Renaissance traditionally extends from the French invasion of Italy in 1494 during the reign of Charles VIII until the death of Henry IV in 1610 Galerie Lafayette Haussmann Dome Colosseum Great cultural change and achievement that began in Italy during the 14oo century and lasted until the 1600 Facade San Giovanni Famous poets of the 15th century include the renaissance epic authors Luigi Pulci ,Matteo Maria Boiardo, and Ludovico Ariosto. Facade San Giovanni In the 13th century, much of Europe experienced strong economic growth. The trade routes of the Italian states linked with those of Mediterranean ports and northern regions of Europe to create a network economy in Europe Teatro-la-fenice The decline of feudalism and the rise of cities influenced each other; for example, the demand for luxury goods led to an increase in trade, which led to greater numbers of tradesmen becoming wealthy, who, in turn, demanded more luxury goods. Ca' Rezzonico As a cultural movement, the Italian Renaissance affected only a small part of the population. Italy was the most urbanized region of Europe, but three quarters of the people were still rural peasants San Marco horses The situation was very different in the cities. These were dominated by a commercial elite; as exclusive as the aristocracy of any Medieval kingdom. It was this group that was the main patron of and audience for Renaissance culture. Dibujo madrid Puerta de Alcalá Palacio de Comunicaciones During the High Middle Ages, which began after AD 1000, the population of Europe increased greatly as technological and agricultural innovations allowed trade to flourish and crop yields to increase. Kings became the heads of centralized nation states, reducing crime and violence but making the ideal of a unified Christendom more distant. Intellectual life was marked by scholasticism, a philosophy which emphasized joining faith to reason, and by the founding of universities. The Late Middle Ages were marked by difficulties and calamities, such as famine, plague, and war, which much diminished the population of western Europe, between 1347 and 1350, the Black Death killed approximately a third of the European population. Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore The Palazzo della Signoria Palazzo Pitti In much of the region, the landed nobility was poorer than the urban patriarchs in the High Medieval money economy whose rise left land-holding aristocrats impoverished the Renaissance The Black Death wiped out a third of Europe's population. The resulting labour shortage increased wages and the reduced population was therefore much wealthier, better fed, and,had more surplus money to spend on luxury goods. The 14th century saw a series of catastrophes that caused the European economy to go into recession. The Medieval Warm Period was ending as the transition to the Little Ice Age began Soon to come =) The Hundred Years' War kept France economically and politically weak until the late fifteenth century. Do you want to see it. ok but just a little part, because i have to go.
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