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jasper hughes

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Birdhouses By: Ian and Cacie Changes Uses Bird Turks Europeans Nowadays Future Back when... Native American Europeans Turks Invention Native American's birdhouses were made from dried fruits and vegetables.
The most famous is the gourd birdhouse. The Turks made the first birdhouse.
Turks saw the bird population drop so, they built the birdhouse Europeans used birdhouses to trap birds or get the eggs.
Europeans used the birdhouses as traps and the resembled real nests. Now we have birdhouses that look like:
and fountains. Birdhouses will continue to change.
The future will bring new technology for not only us but for the birds.
If they give a happy tweet this happens, etc... Birds use birdhouses to protect the baby birds from storms and predators.
Birds use birdhouses so they don't have to build nests. Turks wanted to help the birds from dying.
That is how Turks used birdhouses. Europeans used birdhouses to capture eggs and birds.
They used birdhouses for their own benefit. Birdhouses used to be nests.
Turks made the first birdhouse.
Native americans made gourd birdhouses.
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