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Lancini Logo Proposal

No description

Verve Design

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Lancini Logo Proposal

A Strong Logo is one of a corporation's greatest assets. today presentation Lancini Logo Lancini Logo Proposal Re:Design What is
a Logo Origins Logo re:design Origins 800 AD Illiterate Europe there are 1,000's of beer brands & Visual Identity
or Brand so... Logo Design everything
is branding you can not not communicate Unique & Memorable Consistency of Concept Clarity of Message Flexibility Repetition Identity Thrive in any environment Physically a Logo is FORM TYPE COLOUR Instantly recognisable Form or
Shape Communicates
Identity Contrast Draws
the eye Be Simple to Identify Not Explain FORM TYPE Communicates
Style Does it work for them ? COLOUR Communicates
Mood, emotion Negative Space By using consistency
of colour, shape
& type. Australia
Post's letter
boxes are
unmistakably them Everything is Branding Consistency of Concept All these elements come together to make YOUR VISUAL
IDENTITY / BRAND reBranding to wrap up How a brand is perceived in the marketplace directly influences the profitability of a company and it is often why a consumer chooses one product or service over another Unique & Memorable Consistency of Concept Clarity of Message Flexibility Repetition Identity Thrive in any environment Instantly recognisable reBranding and the consumer Successful reBranding better communicates to the customer
unites an organisation
is a transition the sign of something greater WHAT WILL THEY THINK? “We are re-branding stores to retain our leadership position in what is an extremely competitive market.” - Woolworths General Manager of marketing,
Luke Dunkerley Where would you rather shop? Where would you rather shop? Before rebrand :
unappealing After rebrand :
clean re:branding can be a terrifying thing reBranding Consistency imagine if... Style Guide Small Type People already recognise us
why would we want to change? But Teegan Nash Stephen Bryde Holly Booth
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