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Swallowing Stones

Raven Grippaldi, Bak MSOA

Raven Grippaldi

on 28 July 2013

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Transcript of Swallowing Stones

Main Characters



This book takes place in Briarwood, New Jersey.
This book takes place during the 21st century during the summer. Starts during fourth of July.

This book takes place during a Modern time period.

The mood of this book is sadness as each of the characters experience many challenges with going on and living life.
Antagonist of the story. Charlie Wards daughter and is distraught about his death. 15 years old.
Fires a Winchester rifle on fourth of July and accidentally shoots Charlie Ward, he is filled with guilt throughout the story.
Micheal Mackenzie Conflict
Protagonist of this story, 17 year old in high school. Very athletic and accidentally shoots Charlie Ward with his Winchester rifle without knowing.
Micheal Mackenzie
Jenna Ward
Jenna Ward's father Charlie Ward is shot from his own roof she has to deal with his death, also with the probable guilt that she couldve prevented it.
Jenna Ward Conflict
Micheal gains knowledge that the man died at the exact day and time that he had fired the shot.
Micheal soon gains knowledge about a dead man in the newspaper hit by a "falling" bullet. He soon begins to question it whether he was at fault.
Micheal struggles to keep his involvement secret but when he starts feeling the guilt get to him and his family and friends get involved he begins to question everything.
At a fourth July party, Micheal Mackenzie fires his new Winchester rifle into the air. Without knowing the bullet hits Charlie Ward who is working on his roof nearby.
Internal Conflict
The conflict for this story is internal because throughout the story Micheal and Jenna both do alot of thinking to themselves. Jenna feels her life will never be the same and Micheal sits alone on the church steps thinking about his life.
External Conflict
An external conflict that Micheal has to deal with would be the police because any second they could catch him and find out that he was the true murderer. Jenna's is the fact that her father is no longer here.
Micheal feels that because he is the one who has caused this mess it is his job to clean it up. He decides to tell Jenna before the cops are the first to tell her and make things right. He chooses to move on with his life.
Man vs. Himself
"She has begun to cry openly now, as once more Jenna saw her mother standing at the counter making tuna fish sandwiches."
The author's tone is very melancholic Jenna must face the sad fact that her father is dead and Micheal must face the fact that he is the murderer.
"We have got to act like nothings happened. We have got to turn this car around and you have got to take your drivers test, like everyone expects. Come on Ive done things I aint proud of, you must live with them."
This quote illustrates the characters and the mood because it shows how Joe and Micheal are feeling very guilty about what they have done but they must go on.
The theme of this book is that lying can cause many problems and has many consequences.
This is a book about a boy who lies to get his way out of things but in the end there are a web of consequences waiting for him.
Personal Response
This book made me learn that it is very bad to lie and when you lie it wont always just be you that is facing consequences for your actions.
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