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My Washburn Experience

No description

Samara Harper

on 21 February 2016

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Transcript of My Washburn Experience

About Me
- My name is Samara Harper and I have lived here in Topeka for seven years.
- I came to Washburn University as a sophomore after graduating from Washburn Tech and high school.
- The main draw to come here was the opportunity to finish my associates degree for Washburn Tech prices.
- WU has impressed me thus far, both in its environment and in its academics.
- I am majoring in design technology but considering several degrees after finishing this current one, such as a bachelor's in technology administration or a second associates in criminal justice.
Campus Events
Here is a summary of the events I attended for this portfolio. My favorites were the KBI tour and the Mulvane exhibit.
- Meet the President
- Hall of Fame Football Game
- iRead Lecture
The Industrial Sublime
Mulvane Exhibit
- Class Participation FYE Workshop
- Tour of the KBI Building
- Registration Celebration
Best Assignment
- I selected the diversity assignment because it was a turning point in my college writing.
- While writing this paper, I started to figure out how to efficiently sort out my thoughts, to think through things.
- The course learning outcomes that this assignment directly relates to are "establish membership and engagement in the WU community, through connections to faculty, staff, and students on campus" and "express the importance of globalism and diversity."
- The former outcome is linked through the interview and the latter outcome is linked by the topic.
- Figuring out how I become efficient is something I can use in every academic aspect of college life.
Semester Reflection
- The most important thing I learned about was how to take advantage of my educational resources and succeed.
- Outside this class, I learned crucial aspects about design, my major.
- I hope to gain academic and social skills, as well as acquire the knowledge I need for my future career and beyond.
- What I hope to gain is also the reason I value a university education; it helps me to meet these goals in a timely way.
- I value diversity because it enhances character and the college experience through exposure to different people and practices.
That is it,
thanks for the class!
Information Literacy
- Information literacy is the ability to find the sources one needs to complete a project or just to learn.
- As a college student, I have to quickly find the quality information I require, in order to keep up with my work. Information literacy is essential to that.
- I also use this skill in learning about new things for hobbies or curiosity.
- I exhibit ethical conduct by critically analyzing my sources and by being honest in all my work, including tests.
- A source that is not credible is theonion.com. This site contains parody articles and is unprofessional at best.
My Washburn Experience
September 2nd, Mandatory
At the BOWTIE event, held in Washburn A/B, I visited the booths for HALO, the Criminal Justice Department, Study Abroad, and several other groups. The atmosphere was somewhat chaotic. The people attending were mostly students, but faculty and staff came as well. I learned about all the groups and opportunities available to me, along with some interesting facts. I liked it, apart from the disorganization, because of what I learned to help me in the future.
Meet the President
September 9th, Mandatory
The atmosphere for this event, also held in Washburn A/B, was respectful but relaxed. The people attending were students. I learned a lot about President Farley, his educational and career background. I liked it because it was quiet, just people listening to his story.
Hall of Fame Football Game
October 10th, Athletics
This event, held at Yager Stadium, had an informal, cheerful atmosphere. The people attending included a lot of students and community members, who might have been alumni or family. I learned a little about what Washburn football is like. I liked the halftime show, with the marching band and the Dancing Blues, more than the football. But that is because I do not like the sport in general.
iRead Lecture
October 14th, Mandatory
I did not capture a picture at this event, which was held in White Concert Hall. The atmosphere was very excited, but also reverent.
Many community members and students were there. I learned more about the story behind the
books and how young people can change the world. I liked this event a lot, because the speakers were motivational, interesting, and enjoyable.
Mulvane Art Exhibit
October 15th, The Arts
I went to view
Burtynsky: The Industrial Sublime
at the Mulvane. It had a meditative environment, especially because there were only a few employees present. I learned about the human impact on the earth and how a different perspective can make even that beautiful. I really liked this event, because of the photography and design of the exhibit.
FYE Workshop
November 5th, Mandatory
This workshop, on class participation and presentation skills, was held in the learning suite of Mabee Library and had a very informal atmosphere. There were a few other WU 101 students attending. I mainly learned tips for the subjects presented. I liked this event because it was informative.
KBI Tour
November 6th, Academic
This event, held at the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, had an excited atmosphere; many community members attended, along with some students. I learned a lot about the organization and the cool features of the building, as well as possible careers in it. I did like it, since it interested me a lot and the facility was amazing.

Registration Carnival
November 12th, Miscellaneous
This event, held in Washburn A/B, had an atmosphere of anticipation and was crowded with students and faculty. I did not really learn anything from the event and did not particularly like it because it was so chaotic.
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