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Montana Meth Project

No description

Johnathon C. Bentham

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Montana Meth Project

Montana Meth Project
Thank You For Watching
Meth Project Videos
"Kevin" and "Sisters"
Started in 2005 by Thomas M. Siebel to help reduce the growing Meth epidemic in the U.S. The Meth Project uses hard-hitting ads on television, radio, print, and through the internet to help spread their message.
Being admitted to the asylum.
Clawing his eyes out.
Beating his best friend up to support his addiction.
When the narrarator says "And this is what I said when he told me he was going to try Meth...."
You get a sense of how he has felt throughout the ordeal.
(Scenery) Asylum bed, shackles, dark background, no lighting.
“This is what he used to dig imaginary bugs out of his skin…” (Kevin).
The scene depicts a sharp, rusty object and a ton of spiders, as well as whom one can assume to be Kevin, rolling his eyes back in his head because he is clearly far from a state of sobriety and normalness.
The Sisters in this video are shown selling their bodies for a mere fifty dollars.
Meth is depicted as more important than one's body, well-being, and family.
"This isn't normal, but on Meth it is."
The scenery of a filthy gas station bathroom.
Notice how her face changes as she enters the bathroom to show how filthy she has become.
These tools help to get the audiences attention subliminally.
The idea of Meth is already illogical.
Prostitution for Meth.
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